Reefercake Engages Bill Scher in Twitter Discussion

I am making an effort to acknowledge my own arrogance and tone it down….but its one thing to be arrogant and correct, as I am in favor of legalization, but its quite another to be arrogant and wrong. Introducing Bill Scher.

My final thoughts can only be described as a sagelike jedi mindtrick


There were a few other tweets scattered about, but notice the fact that I refrained from calling Bill a hypocrite. That’s what this web site is for.

Bill Scher, are you a hypocrite? You think its not a pressing problem that our prisons are overflowing? At the same time you argue for increased surveillance. Try connecting the dots ever? Did you support this during Bush too? Actually, maybe he isn’t a hypocrite. Maybe he did support spying under Bush. But the biggest problem with Bill Scher is that he is uncaring. He doesn’t have the ability to put himself in someone else’s shoes. He doesn’t care about the fact that people have rotted in jail for no reason. In fact, lets face it, deep down, maybe Bill Scher thinks people who smoke pot are scumbags.

Bill if you have the time, please read the following anonymous note-this was posted on Diane Russell’s facebook wall, I just had to grab it. I think it says a lot.

Thank God for you Diane,I pray you are successful in your efforts to legalize marijuana. The citizens of Maine are very fortunate to have an open minded and progressive thinking leader like yourself representing their interests and future. I’m a citizen of South Carolina,probably the least progressive state in the union,here we will probably still be in prohibition long after every other state in the union has legalized,it is a sad situation,I personally only smoke a very small amount each day,approximately what you could pack inside a thimble,I don’t do it to break the law,or to get high,or party down. I smoke that small amount each day because I suffer from severe depression,according to my doctor,mine is one of the worst cases she’s ever encountered.depression runs in my family,my uncle Steve (father’s brother) committed suicide from it in 2005. My doctor also told me that people with depression as severe as mine often commit suicide by age 26. I am 45 now,and I attribute my survival to that tiny amount of marijuana I smoke each day. But my survival comes with a pretty heavy price down here in S.C. Here there is no tolerance for those who need or use marijuana,there is no legal medicinal,there is no de criminalization,and it certainly won’t be legal for recreational use anytime soon. Penalties,and fines are very high if one is caught,but worse than that,I can’t even apply for any descent job that anyone would hope to have,due to the unfair methods of current drug testing,which mainly only pick up marijuana users,since harder drugs (which I don’t do or approve of.) such as cocaine or Meth or crack,will pass out of your system in a couple of days,while marijuana is still detectable several weeks to a month or more,depending on the individuals body fat percentage after the effects of smoking it have long since worn off and pose no problem towards the person being able to do their job safely. So I and others like me have to take bottom of the barrel jobs,the ones no one else would do,and I’ve done so for years. The stereotype that pot smokers are lazy,is bull. And if you knew me personally you’d know that I’m telling the truth. I was raised on a farm,raised working hard,and I’ve done so all my life.there is nothing lazy,about me. But it is heart breaking to have to hide the fact that I smoke (marijuana) like it’s a dirty secret,and it is heart breaking to be treated like the lowest form of criminal for no other reason than that. I actually had a police officer who found a small amount of marijuana on a friend of mine once call us scum. The prejudices against those who use or need marijuana are awful,undeserved,and based mostly on our own governments propaganda and misinformation. I am a veteran,and a man who raised his son,alone as a single parent for years after my sons mother left us. I did it by working my butt off on some of the worst jobs S.C. has to offer,because my thimble full of marijuana use daily,which by the way,I only do in the evening,after my work day is done,supper is cooked,and any chores around the house have been attended to,makes me a criminal of the worst kind according to the laws of my home state. Again,it is heart breaking,I have always tried my best to be a good person,and a good citizen,but to SC Politicians and law enforcement,as far as they are concerned, if caught,I’m scum,and if not,then despite the fact that I’m actually quite intelligent and capable of so much more,I’ll always be doing the dirtiest,hardest,and most undesirable jobs that no one else would want,because a nicer job would require a drug test which would disqualify me from employment if it picks up a trace amount of marijuana in my system.
Please keep fighting Diane,and God Bless you for doing so. It won’t help my situation down here,but it will help others like me in your own state. We don’t deserve to be treated this way.