Reasons to Buy the Jimmy Reefercake Album

I just saw a few albums were sold yesterday and it occurs to me that the pleading I am doing on the internets may be working…you can buy my album here on itunes, but we are a long, long, way from where we need to be. I made the following promise to Sam Seder, host of the Majority Report on 

If I can sell 50
albums on itunes, I will become a MAJORITY REPORT MEMBAH!

….if I can sell 420 albums, I will become a DIRTY EFFIN HIPPY.

….if I can sell 4200 albums, I will become GEORGE SOROS

If that weren’t reason enough, let me provide you with these Reasons to Buy the Jimmy Reefercake Album:

1. Support the message. Occupy Wall Street is About the Unfair Exercise of Government Power and that’s what my music is about. Whether its marijuana or medicare, I tell it like it  is, so that eventually, just maybe, we can get our shit together and win!

2. Marijuana reform. This is my number one issue, not just because I like reefer, not just because I think reefer is good, its because Occupy Wall Street is About the Unfair Exercise of Government Power. I think that when we realize that we have power, we can use it in all kinds of ways. Of course the same old crap of income disparity is huge on the reefercake agenda, I have even more songs about the rich screwing over the poor than I do about reefer. However, if we can’t do the simple things that liberals and libertarians alike agree on, like ending the wars, like legalizing safe products, then what the hell are we ever going to be able to do? Nothing. Thats what douche-bags like Bill Scher and Ed Schultz need to understand. The big picture. I take it back, they are not douche-bags, they are just guys who I agree with on 75% of what they say, but I wish they would be just as smart about the simple stuff as they are about the complicated. But maybe a tidal wave of Reefercake education will help them understand.

3. Be nice to me and I will be nice to you.  I keep working hard on my stuff, and people are enjoying it. Word is getting out, my friends and family are all starting to know what I am doing and where I stand. Its cool, but it would really help me out a lot to be able to say I have sold a few hundred albums and made a few hundred bucks to justify the many hundreds of hours that I spend. Otherwise, there isn’t much wind in my sails and I kind of look stupid in the eyes of those who are on the fence. In the eyes of folks like Dick Vinegar, who think marijuana reform is a lost cause, in the eyes of people who refuse to buy my album but would pay for a live show. Well, I would like to do live shows, I really would, but I need a sign that shows me that coming out of the closet a little more won’t result in embarrassment. For example, artists like Willie Nelson, or Snoop Dog, are very open about their support of marijuana, and they probably use reefer a lot more than me, but they can do so and the mainstream accepts them. Why? Because they make money doing it, crap loads of money. When someone takes the road of mocking me for what I am doing, I need to have sold some albums, so that I can say, even in this crappy world where money is the ultimate measuring stick, I am making some inroads.

4. With that said, I am going to keep doing what I am doing anyway. I write songs for the people because it is in my heart, it keeps me from getting bored, so if you see me post another free song on twitter, all you freeloaders, go on an get ‘er! But please one of these days buy a couple songs or an album, because you know the purity of what I am doing.

Can you think of any other reasons to buy my albums? There have to be hundreds more, please post them here. Of course I expect more jesting from the Dick Vinegars of the world, and that’s fine by me. It been a long time since Dick Vinegar has shown his mushroom head in these parts. What say you, Dick?

  • Dick Vinegar

    Are you saying that if I buy your album you will come out of the closet? SOLD!

    Some things you may want to consider:
    1. Occupy Wall Street is most certainly not about the unfair exercise of government power. I think you are confusing Occupy with Teabagging. A lack of government oversight of the monetary engine (i.e. the financial sector) is precisely what has led to the ever-increasing income disparity in this country as well as the crash/recession from which we are only now extracting ourselves.
    2. DV never said MJ reform is a lost cause. Not sure where that comes from. But, if it helps you in your posts, build up the Dick Vinegar straw man as you see fit and knock him down. But rest assured, no matter how many times you knock him down, his sour essence will remain.
    3. I would love to buy some music and eventually will, but I am old and lazy (and busy with this kid thing). In other words, i never update my musical devices and can’t remember the last time i bought music. I basically just pandora all the time or listen to the same funk ive been listenting to forever. That being said, consider this an order to be fulfilled sometime in the next 6 months (probably when i get a new phone).
    4. If you really want some useful discourse, perhaps these call-outs should be directed at Sunshine as opposed to someone who (other than your recently revealed closet libertarianism) is usually in agreement with you. He is the Romney supporter – or were you unaware?

  • thats the old sour dick I remember! first of all, you have adequately answered for your failure to have bought “reefer madness” to date. for that sir, you shall be forgiven!

    secondly, feel the caps, OCCUPY WALL STREET MOST CERTAINLY IS ABOUT THE UNFAIR EXERCISE OF GOVERNMENT POWER. you seek more government regulations for the markets, this maybe a good thing, but the bottom line is the people of OWS are sick and tired of the government taking our taxes and funneling it to the rich and powerful. I am sure you are familiar with the Buffet rule? While teabaggers would seek to end all taxation, OWS is a call to fairness. Not to mention the exercise in power the government takes in occupying other countries is unfair, and that was the big symbol in the meme. OWS melds libertarian ideals with that of common sense fairness and caring for the poor.

  • Dick Vinegar

    may be a good thing? a paradigm shift in the whole way the banking industry operates is essential unless we want this type of crash and recession to become a cyclical event. and the only way you are going to see a paradigm shift is if the government forces it to happen. people in the industry make way too much money to talk about anything changing. you think the cats making $10 million – $100 million bonuses want to see a change?

  • point taken. score one for the sour stick. I will change maybe, to most likely, but that doesn’t change my thesis. we agree with each other on the essence. The power to regulate the banking industry would be a fair exercise in government power. OWS is just a teabagger with honesty…..which negates about 75% of the tea party movement, since they are a bunch of lying, heartless, and/or ignorant bastards.