Poor little rich boys

We can't let the people who've been hit the hardest by this recession, and who need to create the jobs that will get us out of it, foot the bill for the Democrats' two-year adventure in expanded government.” – Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Can't go to bed without pointing out the jackassedness of this comment by the ranking GOP Senator.  He is of course referring to the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for fools earning over $250,000 a year.  Just let that sink in… “the people who've been hit the hardest by this recession“…

That's right, asshole.  Them rich folk done been hit so hard they can barely afford to pay the MARGINAL TAX ON ALL DOLLARS EARNED OVER $250,000.  Meanwhile, in the real world

Forty-four million people in the United States, or one in seven residents, lived in poverty in 2009, an increase of 4 million from the year before, the Census Bureau reported on Thursday.

The poverty rate climbed to 14.3 percent — the highest since 1994 — from 13.2 percent in 2008.

Over the past two years these scumbag Senators have managed to thoroughly crush any delusions I once had about the possibility of national crisis giving birth to transformative change in this country. And I mean the good kind of change, not the teabag variety that is currently suffocating the last vestiges of moderation in the Republican party.  [Note to you Mainers – Olympia is next].

What I'm trying to say is, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts are the only thing I care about politically these days.  There's really nothing else on the horizon that's going to elicit more than indifference or disgust out of me.  The class divide gets greater every day and it's completely unsustainable for a healthy society.  I'll have to dazzle you with charts and graphs some other time, but for now I'll just say, NO MORE TAX CUTS FOR YOU RICH MOTHERFUCKERS.

Who am I kidding, here's a chart

What this says to me is, if the Democrats really feel the need to be total pussies about this, then they better at least give me a new marginal tax bracket at $500,000, which is where the real highway robbery begins to kick in.  Otherwise I don't want to hear any more bullshit about “deficit reduction”.

  • Pinko

    Nice Ball Chart Muila! What I glean from this is that the Republicans have the bigger balls…better for teabagging I suppose.

  • Jack Assbeck

    there you go again, wanting to raise taxes in the middle of recession, thats gonna kill jobs, plain and simple. you can’t go changin’ taxes. where is the certainty that small business owners need?

    darn, i just realized everything i say is a lie. god dammit I am a stupid mofo.

  • Jack Assbeck

    pinko, any expriencd teabaggers knows, bigger balls are not always better. think about stuffing those giant billionare tax cuts into your mouth, thats just too big to fit in. the scrotum is so frikking large that it has a danger suffocation warning.

  • M.Uila

    This is a fantastic smackdown of a whiny rich bastard complaining about his taxes that everyone should read.

  • Maine teabagger
  • M.Uila

    Missed this the first time around, but seems appropriate still. At least until election day rolls around.