Oh, Pec! Save the Shieks!

Because I know how concerned you are about them keeping all twelve of their palaces…

In reality the drop in demand is a really troubling sign for all of us, but lets not think about that tonight.

  • retarded monkey woman

    I am trying to get some time to research this more, but my hypothesis is that the drop in demand is a small part of it, and more of it is speculators who drove up the price based on security concerns and fear, then they finally cashed in.

  • M.Uila

    Monkey woman is wise. I’d love to see the usage charts over the last 12 months. When they say that the speculative “bubble” burst, all that really means is everyone cashed in at the same time. If I was a paranoid person I’d say it was a coordinated plot by the super-wealthy to steal every last dollar while Bush and Cheney still have the gates open.

  • retarded monkey woman

    I’d like to get support from ONE on the economic analysis, in other words what is the real change in global consumption that supposedly causes this???? here is a chart I found over a larger time period


    over this 22 year period we see some change in demand here on the order of 10 percent increase….

    one of my supporting planks is that most of the oil we use is for essential things like driving to work and heating….change in demand couldn’t be so dramatic as to cut the price in half?!?

    seems that all speculation is doing is raising prices based on fear, then it crashes to where it should be…

  • M.Uila

    I had an interesting conversation tonight with a programmer who works for a hedge fund. He works on their internal programs, wherein the supergeniuses construct elaborate mathematical models to determine what to buy, sell, short… He maintains that the wild fluctuation in various commodity prices is largely driven by… (wait for it)… the computahs!!

    I’m not talking desktops, apparently these firms all have the equivalent of Big Blue cranking away on the data, and the half-assed modeling assumptions get magnified and driven to these logical extremes. We have this image of frantic traders on the Wall St floor yelling and waving when in reality its all being done by the Matrix.