Oh Bama Where Art Thou?

I’ve been fuming all week and was going to do a bunch of research, but Greenwald’s post yesterday summed it up perfectly, thanks for linking to that…

This Administration cannot sweep the crimes of the previous administration under the rug, we absolutely must attack every policy and action, we must be open with this process to heal our country and to restore our moral standing and credibility in the world. Photos of detainee abuse have already been released. The cat is out of the bag. If we continue to deny what happened we look like cowards, but worse we lose our moral standing in the world. There is no room for nuance and middle ground – torture, transparency, human rights…these are central to democracy around the world and to the core values of our country for generations.

If we are successful in reversing the direction of the W administration, then history books will put the Military Commissions Act alongside the Alien and Sedition Acts…misguided mistakes that we reversed in short order. We cannot adopt one single aspect of these horrible, hateful, and mindless reactions to terrorism – they must rejected completely or they will continue to fester in the hearts and minds of Americans and we will never recover. This nation will forever have the precedent of the Bush administration to allow the ends to justify the means. Our system of checks and balances will be forever broken, and Nixon/Cheney/Rice will be right – if the president does it then it must be OK.

We need a suite of new legislation that rolls back the abuses of the Bush administration, and we need to prosecute any illegal actions. It should be a no brainer. Partially adopting any of these shameful and ineffective debacles of the previous administration like the military commissions is completely unacceptable. Even if these tactics go un-used, without a complete reversal of this country’s direction in this regard the Obama Administration will be part of that disgrace. You can never cede the moral or philosophical high ground on these issues. If we do not prosecute torturers, we betray the many soldiers who had every right to want to exact revenge and take an eye for an eye, but held themselves to the higher standards espoused by their country.

  • M.Uila

    Great post here, Madman. I’m completely flummoxed by the torture scandal. These scumbags have been hiding behind a curtain that’s finally starting to unravel, and even though the unitary executive is completely disgraced and discredited, all you really hear in the media is how important it is to repair the curtain.

    The decision to suppress the photos seems like an obvious stall tactic to me – they’re coming out eventually. Obama’s just trying to keep the lid on a full-blown torture investigation.

    The key word you use above is “cowards”. It’s frankly unsurprising that Obama is propping up the status quo for the purposes of advancing his own agenda. But the major media… goddamn, it’s disgusting. There’s no moral center there at all. I find it horrifying.

    Here’s a nice pushback from another of my favorite bloggers, David Waldman. He writes for Kos and runs the Congress Matters spin off page.

  • M.Uila

    And here come the photo leaks… but hey, Obama didn’t authorize it, so the talking heads still love him.

  • M.Uila

    Madman, thought the image above was worthy of your post. Hope you don’t mind…

  • Madman

    That picture is perfect…and thanks for adding the link also, since the other one’s temporary. The CNN clip underscores the backdrop of insanity that we are dealing with…I love watching the two dickheads on the right jump out of their chairs at the chance to pounce on an inappropriate analogy, like that’s the important thing…it can’t get any more ironic when the conversation starts with how the Pelosi ‘briefing-gate’ is the exact same kind of distraction from the big picture.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Finally catching up on my hypocrisy….and it is rank and always…the stench…hey obama, grow a sack!

  • M.Uila

    P.S. I ate too much for lunch and now to help me digest I am going back through old posts to tag as “Obama”. To do otherwise would be Hypocrisy!

  • Dick Vinegar

    whoa whoa whoa! that clip ends just when winnie cooper was about to say something! let the girl talk would ya?