Obama Apologist Jimmy Reefercake IM's Sam Seder

Today, Sam read this IM in his best stoner voice…it was pretty funny, you can download at majority.fm for free…

Jimmy Reefercake 12:41 pm
Sam, you were buttery smooth on countdown…so now that santa has given everyone what they want, lets talk about how to pay for it. DRAW DOWN the military spending or cut social security? i think obama wins that battle hands down, so lets start that debate. i think this is the place that he must stand firm on….if he caves on this final battle, then I am boarding the “fuck you obama train” and its a one way ticket to Disenfranchisedville.

Sam launched into a familar bit about why would someone use the name Reefercake, I became slightly annoyed and IM'd

Jimmy Reefercake 1:01 pm
come on man!

Then Sam launched into the response to my point which was a resounding yes.

All you dejected progressives, hear my battle horn! We will fight another day. Obama took what he could, it was meager, but there simply are not enough votes to change things now…I thought about it and I want my middle class tax cut…it is a bitter pill, but I have become sick and tired of the negativity.

We are in the defensive position now…the republicans will have the label of being in power, and their shitty proposals will be their own downfall, once they get too greedy and once again go after social security or some other dipshit manuever. Fuck the republicans and blue dogs, damn them, but don't blame Obama.

  • M.Uila

    Damn, Reefercake, that is some quality media whoring!

    The tax cut deal is farcical. The past year has been constant deficit hysteria, culminating in last week’s bipartisan bullshit committee fail, and then, overnight, suddenly none of it means anything and saints preserve us if the millionaires have to pay an extra 3 cents on the dollar for their marginal millions. I am not impressed.

    Here’s hoping the republican teabaggers scuttle the bill. They won’t of course, because their sole reason for being is to secure tax cuts for the aristocrats. But it is nice to dream.

    I recommend DDay’s excellent analysis on the compromise.

  • M.Uila

    PS, I’m so old I remember when democrats used to vote en masse AGAINST this kind of thing. To the point where they needed reconciliation and Dick-head Cheney to pass. What in the fuck is going on here? Let the tax cuts expire for christsakes! Poor folks weren’t helped by it, and middle class schmoes don’t need any more flatscreen teevees. Let it go!

    This is the path we are on.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Uila, you’ve made good points, but as Obama’s new chief apologist, my main beef with the media brigade is that they frame this in a false manner, as if Obama could use his powerful magic to turn republicans and blue dogs into decent human beings. But of course he can’t, he never could. Once you accept the revelation of Obama’s limited grasp, you realize that the majority of punditry is speculation about why this dude can’t do the impossible. Then everyone starts saying “fuck Obama”. They are playing us like puppets.

    Letting it expire for all, would guaranteeeeeeee!! motherfuckin’ guaranteeeeee!!! that the tea party would see the “tax increase” and they would have so much fodder that it is possible they will knock him out. Besides, the fact is that whether it is a big screen TV or a new furnace or insulation, the tax cuts in the middle class are needed. I say neeeded to keep the economy going.

    All we are left with now is the possibility to draw down military spending…which would be something….then in two years get new folks in to get the revenue from the filthy rich to start running a surplus again.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    I think I lost Sammy on this one…

    Jimmy Reefercake 12:50 pm
    Sammy, I think that the Obama analization nation is spinning its wheels. I’d like some good old fashioned derisive mockery of Boehner and friends, aren’t there any foot tapping pedophiles or meth snorting evangelists to talk about?
    Jimmy Reefercake 12:57 pm
    Obama is not crazy

    didn’t get much of a reaction…perhaps I should find another lunch time hobby!

  • Madman

    Uila and DDay have it exactly right in my opinion, you have to look at the big picture. Obama’s compromise is terrible for most of us long term and has marginal benefit in the short term. This is a bankrupting scheme that W started, if we keep it up much longer then we will most certainly see the dismantling of social programs in the near future. Remember what the plan is, they want to put an end to the safety net, they want the rich to be richer and they don’t care how many slip into poverty or close to poverty. They want the American economy to look like the Chilean economy. That is the model they are striving for, a wealthy elite and the squalid masses get what they deserve because they live on the other side of the gated wall. If Obama thinks that a few more unemployment checks are going to give him a shot at 2012 while he allows the rich to bankrupt the treasury, I know one vote he won’t be getting. The political reality is that we have complete bipartisan support for the middle class cuts and other cuts that benefit small businesses. The next Congress can work that out next session. The Republicans are playing a game of chicken and when you play the scenarios out, the Democrats have the upper hand, so why compromise now on something so important?

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    I think we all agree that this is horrible, but the messaging must be clear…This is not Obama’s plan…it is a compromise, but let the house and senate go ahead and try to get better why don’t they GROW A SACK AND FILIBUSTER??? INDEFINITELY???…WHY DON”T THEY??? without the compromise there wasn’t anything to even fall back on. If the senate and house can do better I am sure Obama won’t veto it! But they won’t do shit, or will they?

  • Jimmy Reefercake