Newsweek goes hypo-tastic

Folks, as you may have heard on Maddow, the Newsweek cover story this week is the latest in the long deafening drumbeat of the great hypocralyse that we’ve witnessed recently as we are told we did not see what we thought we saw. What would Dick “Doo” crappy article link here.

To suggest that Obama’s got a lot to learn from Mr. Cheney ’cause he’s been soooo successful, as everyone who’s anyone in the house of W knows, the youngster Obama will soon realize that our wise dark overlord Cheney knows what’s best for keepin us from harm. As with all great propaganda, it is written from the perspective of a zealot who could not comprehend that an alternative point of view exists, God forbid actually consider it.

I have already cut the cord with the NYT for lesser transgressions. Why does this mindless rag soil my magazine rack every week? If it cost more than a penny a day I probably would have shut it down long ago…

  • M.Uila

    I wonder what the status of the weekly news magazine is, given that so many daily newspapers are on the verge of going under this year. The main value they bring is the glossy photos. Read the articles at your peril.

    As a counterpoint to the Cheney hagiography, check out this essay over at Kos, which likens the passing of the Bush administration to the collapse of the Soviet Union, after which there was little domestic interest in revisiting past crimes:

    Reporters (like the ones responsible for the journalistic abomination above) and columnists and pundits are busy cranking out the usual lame duck legacy stories, as if this were the “normal” end of a “normal” presidency, instead of the concluding chapter of a national tragedy.

    There is just a yawning disconnect between the nature of the crimes allegedly committed (and, in many cases, essentially admitted): waging aggressive war, torture, secret prisons, illegal wiretapping on a massive scale, obstruction of justice, perjury, conspiracy — to the point where it would probably take an army of Patrick Fitzgeralds and a full-time war crimes tribunal a year just to catalogue them all — and how the story is being treated in the corporate media.

  • Pinko

    Can you just look the other way though? I like this argument from J. Turley…

  • M.Uila

    It is just shocking to me that Bush openly admits that shit. Turley is right that Obama loses all kinds of credibility is he lets that go unacknowledged. Makes you wonder what kind of deals get cut during the election season.

    Back on the subject of Newsweek, this is timely.