My View on Syria

Why do I listen to news/progressive talk radio? Its boring and most people find it nerdy and annoyingly saturated with the game of politics. I’ve become saturated on the Syria situation. I’d like to compare some the views I have heard on my favorite shows.

The Stephanie Miller Show: Stephanie keeps on framing Syria in terms of Obama is good, republicans are bad. It makes it hard to trust her judgement, or learn anything of interest. She sounds like a simple-minded Obama fan girl. Of course when everything comes around to deciding for no attack, I will join the Obama love fest, but until then, it is extremely annoying.

The Majority Report: Sam Seder is right on with regard to this issue. Bottom line: any attacks are not likely to accomplish the stated goal…and very likely to start an even worse chain reaction of events. Whether it makes us feel better to launch a few missiles is not part of the decision making process. The fantasy that we are going to punish Syria as if they were our child needs to be put to rest.

And I need to include our friend Pat Lamarche, who puts it very clearly¬†Buy President Obama a History Book.¬†While I embrace the idea of Syria giving up its weapons and signing a treaty with Russia, I don’t need to praise Obama’s warlike attitude. No one can know for sure that a treaty would not have occurred regardless of the threats. When the President spins a fantastical world, where the U.S. military acts as the world police outside of the United Nations, he puts our media and citizenry, indeed, our entire culture, in a war stance that we should never be in. Its just more Joe Sixpack brainwashing madness.

Ironically, once again, libertarians and progressives actually agree…at least we know not to believe what we see on TV. This classic Reefercake tune comes to mind.

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  • Agree with above….please check out Peter B. Collins and Nicole Sandler…..also the morning show podcast at Daily Kos is excellent, if nerdy…….

    • Jimmy Reefercake

      Thanks for chiming in. Yes those guys are good too. I guess the key is to listen to non corporate independent media, in order to escape the cloud of misinformation.