My First “Quick Song” on the Majority Report

It might also be called the week in review, but for now I’ll just call it a “quick song” which is also the name of the baseline that Uila and I would jam to way back in the day….ah yes, in the future maybe I’ll add some of those vintage style guitar solo, but the time being so short (60 seconds) I focused all the effort on lyrical genius. All in all, it was well received, with the only comment being a desire for more news content. Most importantly, the desire for a song every week is clear. From now on every friday will be a casual Reefercake friday at the

Here is the permalink to todays show. My God, I am awesome. Great job on the bass, Uila. All is well with the world.

I forgot the best part – here is the first quick song

  • Madman

    Liked the song but more substance eh? Clearly Sammy wants this segment to become a staple…if you’re looking to staff up at Reefercake Enterprises I’ll send you my resume…I’ve never written anything before but my salary expectations are low…

  • Madman, The song is now linked to this post, so you can take yourself a good listen. I also recommend the whole friday show from majority fm.
    I would enjoy your help in crafting the lyrics. This is going to be a weekly thing and I need all the help I can get.

  • M.Uila

    Well shit goddamn! Nice work Jimmy!

    I actually listened to the podcast for once. Those guys are lucky to have you spice things up for them. If Sammy wants more substance, then I’d say you have the clearance to run longer than 60 seconds. It’s no wonder Rosen thought it was an intro.

    The wife says hey! Friday night ain’t the same without you!

  • uila, good point, but i’m almost seeing the 60 seconds as part of the challenge….technically less work each week, and besides I worked you like a dog to get that pure baseline..and i sorted through the versions to discover this beauty..did you listen to it on the new speakers? the bass has good depth. mrs reefercake was hatin all all the versions, then she finally gave this one the nod.

    holla back to the Valuim’s! had a great time with you all.