Mr. Rogers with a Southern Drawl and Tooth Whistle

This ass-clown Bobby Jindal is supposed to be one of the most appealing Republicans. Are you kidding me? Is there something in the water in those red states that turns people into complete dullards? I likes the arsenic, gives it the flavor, with a touch a mercury, uggh, french fried potatoes with mustard…ugghh

  • M.Uila

    Now you’ve done it… Dick Vinegar, bring the wrath!

  • M.Uila

    Just in case you still though the AP was an impartial arbiter of news and current events, read this takedown of their “fact-check” of Obama’s address. Pretty fuckin funny…

  • M.Uila

    More ridicule for the governor…

    If he was your average republican, I would guarantee an indignant southern-pride backlash. But given his overall swarthiness, they seem content to throw him under the bus. I almost feel bad for the guy until I see Rush Limbaugh stick up for him

  • lookie lookie

    that rush limbo clip is great. what an asshole!

  • M.Uila

    He really is an insufferable pig (Rush, that is). The claim that Obama “thinks he’s God… when he prays, he prays to himself…” What a douche bag.

    Though I do like how he compulsively clutches at his shirt to keep it from sticking to his dewy breasts… (you know, cuz he’s a fat sweaty bastard!)

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  • M.Uila

    In the spirit of trashing prominent Indian political leaders, Stephen Colbert “nails” that hypocrite Gandhi…

  • Madman

    Yes Bobby, an ‘honest disagreement’ about what’s best for the country…only we have proof that you’re position is WRONG! We were awake during the two full scale ‘pilot tests’ of trickle down economics, against the backdrop of 30 years of laissez faire capitalism, and we saw what happened….we no likey…you go bye bye now.