More Evidence I am Losing My Edge

Here’s a song my daughter and I sing at bath time, maybe you recognize it:

It’s a soak down
Scrub yourself silly
It’s a soak dow-hown!
Do you want some soap?

Since I’m sharing, this makes me ridiculously happy:

Jim Henson: the greatest!

  • retarded monkey woman

    yep, time is catching up with us. there’s a whole lotta songs about reefer that need to be converted to children’s songs.

    on the subject of kids, had our kindergartener’s first report card and teacher conference, and the lad has already exceeded the benchmarks for the year on math…not to mention his teacher describes him as a role model… not bad for a retarded monkey woman, eh! how about that kid, eh! EH!! EH!!! (think McPenguin)