Ahh, the memories of a truly bizarre and hilarious election. Wanda says it best…

And imagine this, a president who can not even shake hands with other world leaders….ALMOST sad? I would say horrifying and pathetic.

  • M.Uila

    That is the very picture of Lame Duck. Nobody feels the slightest need to kiss his ass anymore. This couldn’t have helped:

    During a telephone call last month, President Bush told Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that he thought the global financial crisis ought to be handled within the G7 framework. But Rudd advised that the plan was “out of touch” and that it “made no sense…to take action on the crisis without engaging China.”

    Instead, Rudd insisted that the best response should involve the broader G20 — which includes China — in order to harness China’s role as an emerging economic power and “to prevent the Chinese using the global crisis to make political points about the failure of Western capitalism.” But according to The Australian newspaper, Bush had no idea what the G20 was:

    After the President explained the pressure from Europe for a G7-brokered action on supporting the credit sector and reforming regulation, Rudd immediately insisted the G20 was the solution.

    Rudd was then stunned to hear Bush say: “What’s the G20?”

    Indeed, Rudd’s view prevailed, as the G20 met in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, vowing to work together to solve the world’s economic woes.

  • M.Uila

    Wanda’s pissed:

    She may need her own tag here soon.