Majority Report Song Contest Part 2: Hey There, Alcoholic (Boehner)

I am now realizing that the song “Virgil Goode, totally insane” may have been the worst mistake of my career. A man will do crazy things to get his song played on the Majority Report. I was trying to impress Sammy and the crew by writing and producing a song quickly using one of their favorite clips and doing it in less than 2 hours work and got the idea to actually meld the CSPAN audio with the music. I ended up with something that is slightly deranged, shifting from serious to funny. I still think the hook, “Totally Insane” is righteous, some good lines about Jesus, but as a production it stinks. It is also mostly serious, which is not what they need. They need funny. For a funny song about Jesus, check out King Missle's “Jesus was Way Cool”.

So I dusted off this one, from the archives…

“Hey There, Alcoholic” by Jimmy Reefercake

Sorry, the production is still sloppy, after all this is Reefercake Studios, not Captain Marblehead with cousin trouble, but everyone agrees this one is fun to listen to…MORE COWBELL!

Majority Report, Hear My Battle Horn, this one will be perfect on your show for when you talk about Boehner, the sobbing, the slurring of words, you better get on that impression Sammy, dubbya is getting worn out. I suggest you use the song as a standard intro for talking about Boehner.

Best of Luck!

6 thoughts on “Majority Report Song Contest Part 2: Hey There, Alcoholic (Boehner)

  1. Jimmy Reefercake Post author

    Heard from Sam today that he isn’t into “lyric driven” songs. That doesn’t really mesh with my vision of a more fun talk radio platform…that engages the audience in new innovative ways…no offense Sammy, but the show can be a little dry….oh well, it was fun trying, and nice to get him to say Jimmy Reefercake on the air a few times. I’m still a fan.

    Anyone have any ideas of other progressive talk shows that may be more interested?

  2. Jimmy Reefercake Post author

    Jerry Springer, you are a putz,
    You say that your a progressive but you got no guts…

    As far as the exchange, the deal with Sam right now is all you can do is IM him. Near the end of his show he takes IM. You can download the podcasts for free at

    The part with me is only cool because you hear him say Jimmy Reefercake…but you can’t hear me….Sammy says he is going to take callers eventually. There is no fucking way I would subscribe to his podcast with no callers, because the man is going to hear from Jimmy.

    It would be funny if the all the hypocrisy gang could flood him with IM’s concerning his lack of a nutsack.

    Lets all IM that whiny little bitch at majorityfm at 12:30 weekdays. Seriously, he just needs to grow a pair. I mean when I realized that my song fit so well for Boehner segments I was sure I had a winner.

  3. Jimmy Reefercake Post author

    I haven’t checked our stats in a while and I was motherfucking stunned!!!

    QUICK FACT: did you know that gets over 1000 friggin UNIQUE VISITORS EVERY MONTH. PUT THAT IN YER PIPE AND SMOKE IT!!

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