Last fair deal in the country

While on the subject of the America-hating Noise Machine (this started as a comment, but got so long I decided to bump it to a new post):

– Glenn Beck continues to use Fox News as his platform to fantasize about violent overthrow of the government, going so far as to bring on retired CIA and military officers…

They discuss a coming “civil war” led by American “Bubba” militias — Beck says he “believes we’re on this road” — and they contemplate whether the U.S. military would follow the President’s orders to subdue civil unrest or would instead join with “the people” in defense of their Constitutional rights against the Government (they agree that the U.S. military would be with “the people”)

This clown Beck really thinks he represents “the resistance”.

– Here’s Hannity’s webpage with a poll up asking “what form of armed revolt do you prefer? A) Military Coup, B) Armed Rebellion, or C) War for Secession…

Fox needs to pull the plug on this garbage. Things are bad in enough in the world as it is without these idiots glorifying civil unrest.

– Finally, I lifted that last link from another great post by Digby that deconstructs the right-wing political/media agenda:

[Bill Kristol] is arguing that Roosevelt should have been obstructed in 1933, so the scope of the [current] crisis doesn’t affect his view and the size of the [electoral] mandate is obviously irrelevant. He simply seeks to find a way to keep the Democrats from achieving anything that the people might see as a positive in their lives. Like Rush Limbaugh, he is openly advocating failure.


    the hypocrisy will unite tonite! have fun with jimmy reefercake-

  • Madman

    Webster’s defines ‘disenfranchisement’ as ‘how you feel when the candidate you voted for doesn’t win’.

    Glenn, I personally guarantee your viewers have never read the Constitution.

    The opening is my favorite…how quickly the top 1% income earners in America turns into YOU, THE VIEWER, will have a 95% income tax rate.

    FYI, when we talk about these sorts of tax rates on the rich it is for personal annual income over $3 million dollars. If you can’t live comfortably on a couple mil a year you have mental problems, see someone. I don’t care if you ‘earned’ it or not, ENOUGH!

  • Pinko

    Beware of the millionaire militias. I can just the disenfranchised ceo clutching his uzi, hanging on Beck’s every word.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    When the situation was reversed, they would have shouted treason for even whispering such trash. Beck, Hannity, why do you hate this country? I say send ’em to gitmo!

  • M.Uila