Joe Lieberman, Hypocrite

I had to put a moratorium on posts about the healthcare reform effort, because after awhile, as noted in the comments, the sheer mountain of hypocrisy begins to crush one’s soul. These asshole senators criticize government-run health insurance on the grounds that it is too expensive, even though every reputable study shows that it dramatically lowers the overall cost of healthcare.  Last week it seemed like the public option got pushed down a flight of stairs in the senate negotiations, only to land on its feet in the form of Medicare buy-in for people aged 55-64.  Not the greatest, but not too shabby either!  It’s basically the middle of the road proposal Ted Kennedy was working on a few years ago.  I’m especially partial to this particular compromise, because I know for a fact it would provide direct relief to my in-laws, who, as members of the 55-64 demographic, are stuck in medical insurance hell purgatory (not to be confused with the poor bankrupted individuals who really are in medical insurance hell).

My father-in-law retired a few years ago from his job at, of all places, an insurance company, because the stress of working for those fiends was affecting his health.   So he took another job in order to keep some health benefits, this time at a health clinic.  He’s a network engineer, and he was tasked with bringing their woeful computer system into the 21st century.  Right after he finished the upgrade, the fuckers cut his health benefits.  Curious timing, that!

Thus began the quest for a 55-year old couple to find private health insurance.  And guess what?  It’s damn near impossible.  All plans were prohibitively expensive.  Finally they got hooked up with AARP, which got them a plan that they could afford, but really only protects against catastrophic illness.  All other costs (doctors visits, etc) are basically paid out of pocket.  And they are still 10 years away from qualifying for Medicare.

So the Medicare buy-in compromise has resonance with me, and I hope they pull it off.  Naturally Lieberman has to come shit on everything.  As Ezra Klein put it:

Lieberman was invited to participate in the process that led to the Medicare buy-in. His opposition would have killed it before liberals invested in the idea. Instead, he skipped the meetings and is forcing liberals to give up yet another compromise. Each time he does that, he increases the chances of the bill’s failure that much more. And if there’s a policy rationale here, it’s not apparent to me, or to others who’ve interviewed him. At this point, Lieberman seems primarily motivated by torturing liberals. That is to say, he seems willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in order to settle an old electoral score.

God damn right!  Apparently, this post hit a nerve, because Ezra is now under attack from the various spineless suckling creatures affixed to the underside of Lieberman’s droopy balls for rudely bringing up the subject of needless deaths.  it’s bad form, you see.  Even though, you know, it’s the moral imperative for this whole god awful initiative.

But I’m not posting this to focus on blogger wars.  What kills me is this (h/t Greg Sargent):

If you’re like me and can’t stand to listen to that punk speak for the full two minutes, let me paraphrase for you.  He voices his support for Medicare buy-in.  This was taken from an interview THREE MONTHS AGO.

Fucking.  Swine.  At what point does Lieberman get reviled by polite society?  I’m thinking one last job for Blackwater before they go…  I’m sure there’s an old Yoo memo still kicking around somewhere that ought to cover it.


Why am I not surprised

Nearly 15 years ago, two Democratic senators — Joe Lieberman and Tom Harkin — decided that the filibuster had become an institutional menace. They called the parliamentary maneuver a “dinosaur” that had become “a symbol of a lot that ails Washington today,” and presented a plan to kill the filibuster once and for all…

Ironically, Lieberman is now a “dinosaur” that has become “a symbol of a lot that ails Washington today”.

  • Pinko

    I think you had it backwards there….should be swine fucker! Thank you for taking the time to write that. I feel as if I was able to vent some of my anger over Lieberman just by reading your post. To think I use to feel pity for him after the 2000 election. I’d wave to him as he walked down our street in Georgetown on his way to temple and restrain Archie from gnawing off the lower half of his leg. If I knew then what I know now….

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    AWW YEAH UILA IS BACK BITCHES, WOOP WOOP@!!! Lieberman is a scumbag.

    I like lowering the medicare buy in age to age zero, but 55 will have to do for now. We’ll keep letting the insurance companies insure all the young and healthier, and wealthier, so they can rake in the money, and by the same token, they can look and say, wowie look how expensive Medicare is, WELL THATS BECAUSE ITS PAYING FOR ALL THE OLD FOLKS< YOU SCHMUCKS> WTF? sure fine, we’ll take it for now, but it is only the beginning…we will not rest until the only kind of private insurance available is luxury plans for the wealthy who are fine with paying through the nose if it means that they can have a bionic penis installed when the dick is dead.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Obama needs to realize we aren’t stupid. Check out my man thom riffin it….

  • Madman

    Lieberman deserves every ounce of our seething hatred. Thanks for that post Uila. Even NPR had someone calling out his hypocrisy (of course it was just a brief mention in an interview with someone in a cafe…no they didn’t have a brief outbreak of journalism at NPR).