Jimmy vs. Madman on the Obama Tax Cut Compromise

The debate was going well for Madman…Jimmy sounds like he had a couple more drinks into him and struggles for a while….but near the end Jimmy breaks into an Adam Sandleresque tirade on what the tea party patriots would have done if the Bush tax cuts were allowed to completely expire….game, set, match, Jimmy. What do you think?

well, let us know! if you haven’t already voted, then please do – see the poll? JUST DO IT! choose wisely.

Jimmy vs Madman 96br

  • Madman

    I handed in my resignation today so I can become a full time podcaster…JR clear out the spare bedroom, I’ll need a place to crash until it takes off. What is the next debate topic so I can start researching? you’re going down next time JR. I would have crushed you if I wasn’t dying of the whooping cough that day…

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Getting a little feisty, eh, Madman? I accept your challenge, and next time I’ll have some lozenges on hand for you.

    Podcasting is where all the money is. Get in now!!