Jimmy Reefercake's First Podcast, LISTEN HERE OR DOWNLOAD FREE

Jimmy got a new mic and jimmy like, jimmy like. 20 minutes of pure Reefercake, addressing the Sam Seder saga, a strange obsession with getting “Sammy” to play “Smoke a Bowl” on his show give me a wee little interview to talk about reefer madness….and the HYPOCRISY.

If people listen I'll do it on a weekly basis. Turn off you TVs and tune in to ALL THE HYPOCRISY! Blog much? Blog HERE! Blog NOW!

allright, I give up….how the hell do I get this one to link up…?


Reefercake podcast 1

Allright I have figured out that my 20 minutes of podcasting brilliance is too big a file…might have to deliver this shit in 10 minute segments…no time now but will get too that….for now witness my cover of North Country Blues (first try on on the new mic)

North Country Blues

  • M.Uila

    We kan haz podcast plz?

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    uila!! where you been brothah!!?? its on the next post. I just did it this morning. wordpress lies when the say max size, so I gotta break these suckers into 10 minutes of pleasure at a time. check er out. yeah, ATH is real big in Europe.