Jimmy Reefercake Supports Troy Jackson for Congress

Andy O’brien puts it well, “Pragmatic Progressive” of Orono & “Tom Joad” of the Allagash Vie for Democratic Nomination”

You want to know more about your candidates…take control of the situation and badger your radio station through social media. Don Cookson can call me a “one trick pony”, someone who “hides behind the name of Jimmy Reefercake” but as long as he asks the question I hold no grudge. All I can give is thanks for asking! That’s what being effective is all about Reefercake style. Thanks to Don, I got to the bottom of the Democratic primary race for Congress. Troy Jackson is the man for the job. Emily Cains waivers on marijuana legalization, while Troy Jackson keeps and open mind. Here is an interview with Troy.

And here is his inspirational speech at the Democratic convention.

This guy is a real deal hypocrisy buster and fighter for the working man. Good luck, Troy!