Jimmy Reefercake Live at Netroots Nation

That was going to be the headline…thursday our beloved Anthony Weiner resigned and fresh off the presses, I craft another Reefercake release and “DO IT LIVE!!” at Netroots Nation. But Sammy was unable to deliver. Four days late and a dollar pizza slice short he delivers my song with a downer intro…and acts like I am the one obsessing on penises.

Lets face it, everybody obsesses on penises or vaginae or some variation of the two. That’s right folks, I said vaginae. Spellcheck has informed me that vaginas is not a word. Vaginae.

By the way, I love Al Franken. Remember how nice he was to the guy who wrote shitty songs for him!?! Sorry if I twittered my weiner too many times….but it is an addiction. Here’s the song.

don’t twitter your weiner

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!! Golf course is calling….might be a few less releases, I proved my point, we can rock out quality songs week after week…but

I ain’t seen shit in the donation can,
I better make myself a new biznass plan.

  • retarded monkey woman

    agreed. “song of the week” works well when played for the week its written. asking for said “song of the week” and delaying the release all to sammy’s lackluster emotions is just lame like country music 🙂

    btw- “medicare can” is folk not country

  • Madman

    makes a great second verse to the first release, lyrics are brilliant and hilarious. Sammy needs to stop messing around and realize that JR’s and Screaming Majority’s tunes are a great break from the talk and the fans dig it … thus the big jump in Friday download numbers!

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    you are wise, madman. i see also corresponding spike in visitors on friday. so its not hard to connect the dots. Reefercake is good for business!