Jackass in Texas

GOOOOOOOAL!!!! Another win for team REEFERCAKE or is it MAJORITYCAKE either way, I gotta say, the song friggin’ rocks. Look at the comments and have a listen to the show at majority.fm

Here is the totally free totally insane MP3 download
jackass in texas

side bar- maybe the next poll could be whether to change my name to Jimmy Majoritycake, just plain Jimmy Majority, or should I stay with the good old fashioned and reliable Jimmy Reefercake.

Fireworks and beer anyone? USA! USA! USA!

  • Madman

    fantastic! Jimmy Reefercake and the Screaming Majority add something to the show on Fridays that no other show has…its a must listen every week for sure! keep it up JR

  • M.Uila

    Good takedown of Bill Bennett at Gin and Tacos

  • amen uila, that is a total takedown! these anti reefer folks are so full of shit its not even funny.