Israeli dead body math

Lets use this yahoo AP swill as the raw data so far.

315 dead (at least 51 civilians)
1400 wounded

Q. How many non-civilians were killed?
A. More than zero and less than 264. Interesting that they did not cite the number of confirmed non-civilians….maybe because that number is closer to zero….maybe they have no clue who they are killing.

Q. Given every person who was wounded or killed in the attack has 10 close friends or family, how many people now have sworn to oppose Israel for the rest of their lives?
A. 17,150 people. Looks like this conflict won’t have a “bitter end” anytime soon….could there be an Israeli military-financial-media-complex at work? Perhaps they make money from death and fear too, familiar story, eh? Keep this money maker going, eh?!?

Q: Most importantly, when the Israelis first attacked, how many people had Hamas rockets killed?

A: So far it seems like zero. Therefore, the ratio of those to kill in retaliation is infinity. Maybe there were some killed or at least injured, because that is the ratio I want to find.   UILA UPDATE:  There was 1 Israeli killed by Hamas rockets.   So we are looking at a 315 to 1 ratio.  By this math, a genocidal kill number of 50,000 Palestinians would only require 159 Israeli deaths. 

Of course, war hawk pundits would say I have crossed the line and start accusing me of antisemitism. Far from it. I am simply trying to apply reason to the cycle of violence. I say the same about US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

War hawk pundits also like to repeat the he said she said lines about recognizing Israel, the right to exist, the whole thing about wiping off the map. Funny how they don’t really vary from those same cherry-picked quotes to get into the meat of the matter….which is stacking up the bodies and seeing who made the highest pile.

Extra credit: I want to see how many the Israelis have killed in the last 10-20 years and stack that up against all the terrorist groups combined have done against Israel. …it must be out there somewhere…

  • M.Uila

    The war machine is shameful. I did see that there has been one confirmed death of an Israeli from the rockets, so you no longer have to divide by zero.

    Is it unfair to categorize this as yet another Bush policy failure? Touch em all! Sadly, Obama’s silence is deafening. (See NYT: Obama Defers to Bush, for Now, on Gaza Crisis).

    Here’s all the good related links I’ve come across:

    Jane Hamsher discusses the weakening grip of the neocon-Israel orthodoxy, which, as Jimmy alludes to, immediately labels criticism of the Israeli war machine as inherently anti-semitic.

    Daniel Levy frames the attacks in historical perspective, and makes it clear that “America is involved, up to its eyeballs actually. Today, after Israeli air-strikes that killed over 200 Palestinians in Gaza, the Middle East is again seething with rage.”

    Lastly, the king of the bloggers, Glenn Greenwald, rips the political and media establishments for their pussy-whipped attitudes toward this mess:

    It would be nice if U.S. citizens weren’t connected to and responsible for every Israeli military action, so that we really could and should take the attitude that what the Israeli Government does — or what is done to it — is not our responsibility. That’s how it should be.

    Instead, since we fund a huge bulk of it and supply the weapons used for much of it and use our veto power at the U.N. to enable all of it, we are connected to it — intimately — and bear responsibility for all of Israel’s various wars, including the current overwhelming assault on Gaza, as much as Israelis themselves. Blind support for whatever they do — the consensus view in American political life in both parties — is therefore a total abdication of our responsibility.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    i wonder if this 1 death was confirmed after israel attacked or not….i’m just saying!

    uila, glad to see there is much support in the blogosphere for looking at this logically, when oh when this trickles into the tv freak show, that will be the day!!

  • Jimmy Reefercake
  • Pinky

    It would drive me mad when Rumsfeld explained away the killing of innocent civilians in Iraq by insisting he was only aiming for “high value targets” based on solid intelligence. Um, yeah, the same intelligence that told him that Saddam had WMD. This is “whacking the hive” not “shock and awe”.

  • M.Uila

    Not to dwell morbidly on the death toll, but the most recent I’ve seen is 390-4. The Israelis are nakedly bombing civilian institutions. One report had them dropping a bomb on a police graduation ceremony.

    Whatever happened to “eye for an eye”? Where are the condemnations in the mass media? All I see are excuses for violence. I like this headline in the Times: Despite Deeper Strikes, Israelis Vow to Soldier On. Because the Israelis are really suffering from this, you see. I’d love to read a similar story from the Palestinian side, but I seriously doubt the Times has anyone on the ground in Gaza right now.

  • M.Uila

    Jimmy, can we get the “forest of lies” banner back? It makes me feel more righteous…

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Uila, good call. No more fin around this shit is one bitches…

    now I updated it but in firefox still shows the old, but ie shows the new. wacky. could it be israeli operatives at work trying to crush our truth telling mission?

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    all better now…far be it from me to understand the firefox gods but they are now smiling on us.

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  • Pinko

    C’mon, let’s not forget who the goods guys are….

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Right on pinko!! They didn’t forget to give her the playbook…good guys and bad guys….she really is the perfect spokeswoman for dumb ass rigth wing america.

    And how could I forget the “stinking corpse”?!?!? THat is another of the classis quotes that you hear repeated ad nauseum! Again, how about counting who creates the most real life stinking corpses!!?!