Israel, a DEMOCRACY?!

By Joseph Ballin 8/2//2018 5:48 AM EST

With the recent passing of Israel’s new law (called the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People) which restricts the rights of Arab citizens of Israel of most of what was left of their rights, while codifying into law that Israel is a so called “Jewish” state. I argue Israel is not a “Jewish” state in any sense of the word, but a European white supremacist settler colonial state. The modern people who call themselves Israelis have nothing in common with the ancient Kingdom of Israel. It would be akin to Native Americans, under the pretext of being genocided for generations in America, moved to parts of China and forcibly expelled the Chinese living there, and created their own supremacist state. All based off the fact their ancestors have migrated across the Bering Strait centuries ago. What if instead of ethnically cleansing millions of Palestinians because of the horror of the Holocaust, there could have been many more of these created in places like Germany and Poland in the post war era. For example, on May 7, 1934, Stalin created the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in the Soviet Union, in a rural almost uninhabitable area that didn’t involve ethnically cleansing millions of people.

Let’s talk about the Israeli government’s support for the far right. In my home country, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu openly supported fascist Trump to the White House and remain probably the only country on earth with a positive view of fascist Trump. Netanyahu openly brags about how he influenced Trump to pull out of the Iran deal, eventually making Trump a puppet of Israel. In the Ukraine, Israel is openly funding (along with USA and EU) Ukrainian Nazis. Or what about the Israeli / Saudi alliance that has formed in the last couple of years, in part in their common hate of Iran. And I haven’t even brought up their previous support of apartheid South Africa. And it’s not just Israeli government’s support for the far right, look at who’s supporting Israel. People like Richard Spencer, who calls himself a “white Zionist”, or UKIP, or Alternative for Germany, etc. Left wing support for the state of Israel has long, long disappeared. While it is true Joseph Stalin originally did support the creation of Israel, he later admitted it was a mistake and threw his support behind the Palestinians.

In terms of destabilizing the middle east, Israel remains the number one country that brings chaos to the middle east. Be it Baathist Iraq, Baathist Syria, Houthi Yemen, or Iran, any nation in the middle east that is: 1. pro-Palestinian and 2. a serious threat of becoming a regional power rivaling Israel is regarded as an enemy of the US. Regardless of what you think of some of these countries, we must respect their international integrity and right to determine the future of their own countries. You hear quite a bit about Iran “trying to build nuclear weapons” or North Korea’s nuclear program, but when was the last time you heard anyone bring up Israel’s illegal secretive nuclear weapons that they have, or the Samson Option?

Israel cannot call itself a democracy. A democracy applies to ALL PEOPLE’S in a country. When you declare a certain group of people not worthy for your democracy and have separate and unequal laws for them, that is called apartheid. That is the current situation of Palestinian Israeli citizens, along with the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank. There has been thousands of Palestinians this year alone who have been shot by IDF thugs. The UN has declared Gaza by 2020 will be uninhabitable. My position on the expelled Palestinians from their land is very simple: I don’t want the Israeli settlers already living there expelled, I want them to take into their houses the Palestinian families that have been expelled from those lands.

Call it one state or two state solutions, we need democracy in that territory. That’s what all of this boils down to. If there is injustice anywhere in the world, there is no justice anywhere in the world. You cannot call a country a democracy with a significant minority of them being denied fundamental rights and being literally genocided as we speak. We must all stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and support BDS of the Israeli apartheid regime. Because as Abby Martin pointed out, there is no way change can come within Israel, the population has turned basically into Nazis. The only way we can stop this regime is thought outside action.