My reaction to the Wednesday night speech was one of frustration and anger. Can’t the public see through Joe Wilson and these republican bullshit artists? They are indifferent on this issue. They are just grasping for any momentum they can find. When did George Bush and the Republican majority in Congress ever fight for universal healthcare? Now suddenly an affordable, universal system is their big priority. And the contrived Republican response after the speech brought me back to Bill Frist’s expert analysis of the Terri Schiavo video. And is ABC News just a front for Boehner and McConnell’s personal paparazzi? Funny how those camera angles work…for a while I thought the Democrats were in the minority. Fuck ’em! I was ready for Obama to display some Superfly Snuka action from the top of the podium. Time to take the tag from Teddy, get in the ring, and go for the takedown.

  • M.Uila

    The teabaggers are frustrated and angry too!

    Sadly, a majority of those opposed to healthcare reform are against the “public” option, because they think it is pronounced “pube lick”. Evidently teabaggers really hate pubes! Who would have guessed?

  • Madman

    Great post, absolutely this is chance to knock down Obama and frame the Democrats as 100% socialist…framing the issue without regard for the truth is always the biggest impediment to progress, and it seems like that’s all we’ve ever had in this country in my lifetime. We are masters of the “debatacle” (debate + debacle).

  • Jack Ass Republican

    You son’s o bitches are falling for this obama feller hook line and sinker, fer crying out loud you got the whole dern country is a turning communistical and ain’t noone got the dern sense to stand up and say. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!