In the USA you can regulate everything except guns

In the wake of yet another school shooting tragedy, states from Maine to Missouri are talking about legislation to allow your crazy Latin teacher to carry a gun at the school, it dawns on me just how fucking stupid and fearful people are in this country. It makes me realise my original thesis is still in effect, until we take the baby steps to dismantle shitty regulations we will never be able to establish new good regulations. I am afraid that is why the Libertarians will continue to win, because figuratively speaking they have too much ammunition. As long as the government is considered the bad guy, and rightly so in so many instances, we will never get anything done in this country. The shitstorm is upon us.

We regulate vaginae, we regulate Sudafed, we regulate the TV, the radio, our healthcare system, our food, our drugs, our water, and we do a shitty job of it all. Obviously some of the aforementioned items need regulation, but the fact is that we suck at how we do it. For example the EPA grants exceptions to the need for fracking shitstorms to even state what shit they are injecting into our precious water supply. Even in places where they have legalized reefer for recreational use, we still regulate the hell out of it. But you can go down to Cabelas or Wallmart and get yourself an arsenal with little hassle.

This is a great post that builds on the points that I am making. The author does a great job, but of course reefer is not included in the discussion. Thats what I am here for.