I'm Still Voting for Obama

As played plast friday on the Majority Report. Here is my latest song

i’m still voting for obama radio edit

i’m still voting for obama, but its going to be a hard thing to do, if he keeps up with these pot raids, TORTURE AND hypocrisy, I might forget to vote, I’ve tuned out and got no hope.

but i’m still voting for obama, a little bit of change can mean a lot, no more pre-existing conditions, acceptance of our gay friends, I guess one day I’m dreaming¬† we’LL all be smoking legal pot.

all be smoking, legal pot,i’ll be smoking, i bet obama wished weed was legal when he was schmokin and schmokin and schmokin and schmokin it! until that I’m dreaming.

I’m still voting for Obama, a little bit of hope is better than none. so pass around the obamacare, my friends, its all we got Thanks to republican, obtructionism, amen! so won’t you please. pass around the obamacare, so I can remember how to dream, pass around the obamacare, things are not as bad as they seem.