If you’re going to sully my rep, do it in print

Thought I’d point out a fun new development in the Chuck Todd douche-a-thon.  Bill Maher recently had him on his show along with non-pretend journalist, Jeremy Scahill, who took the opportunity to rip Todd a new one regarding his blithe dismissal of torture investigations.  Unfortunately, HBO blocked the YouTube, but HuffPo has a video crumb at this link (check it out).

Todd wants us to have a pity party for him, because he “represents everyone” in the conscience-free political reporting class.  In his world, no officially sanctioned action is too monstrous that it can’t be talked away. It’s an offensive attitude to those of us raised to believe in the rule of law.

But wait!  Turns out we’re not the only ones who are offended by all this… (via an email from Scahill to Glenn Greenwald):

Right as we walked off stage, [Todd] said to me “that was a cheap shot.” I said “what are you talking about?” and he said “you know it.” I then said that I monitor msm coverage very closely and asked him what was not true that I said on the show. He then replied: “that’s not the point. You sullied my reputation on TV.”

Boo hoo!  Todd doesn’t seem to understand that in his nonchalance toward the torture issue, he has effectively become an apologist, and is now entitled to his fair share of the scorn due those whose crimes he’s minimizing.  If Todd is worried about having his precious reputation sullied, perhaps he should look in the mirror.

Definitely read the whole Greenwald piece, because it also has his take on the Joe Klein cocktail party confrontation that was linked over on the sidebar.  It’s even more gossipy than the Scahill smackdown (“oh no you di’n’t!”), but still satisfying to see these media starlets get called on their shameless hackery once in a while.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Scahill was just on Hartmann, talking about this. oh Chuck Todd, you douche.

    the thing about chuck lately is he all the sudden became so cocky and sure of himself, like he has been oficially coronated as the king of politics. what a douche.

  • Pinko

    Joe Klein, former Celtic Big Donkey turned psycho journalist.

    Yeah from that Maher clip Todd almost seems emboldened. That douching douchebag! This douche-a-thon nevers seems to end….we need Jerry Lewis to host this thing. Is he still alive?

    Looks like there will be a CIA investigation…sorry Chucky!

  • M.Uila

    The sad thing is, Todd can never relent on his obscene opinions now, or else Matthews and the other gasbags will think he’s a weakling. You never back down to a bunch of terror-loving communists, no matter HOW asinine your position! These gatekeepers of respectable political discourse all deserve a punch in the throat. (Maybe mock executions?)

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    punch in the throat? I say a kick in the nutsack.

    ted kennedy is dead. thats a wicked pissah. will the gatekeepers cue the chappadick footage?