I write the songs

I write the songs
I play guitar, I’m trying hard, just singing what I feel is true in my heart,
I’m not saying that I got all the answers, but legalizing weed is where I’d start,
and We must stand together, and not let them break us apart.
I write the songs, at All the hypocrisy dot com

We’ll never see the truth with the TV news blocking our eyes,
If the news is that we lose, Joe 30-pack and I will tell you why,
cuz The internet is full of fakers, but we deal in truth, and expose the lies
I write the songs, at All the hypocrisy dot com

I write the songs, I wrote the songs, but I don’t know if we’ll ever right the wrongs,
I’ll even write a song for you, if you can help me keep this thing going on,
Won’t you please donate today and help me keep this friggin thing going on,
I write the songs, at All the hypocrisy dot com

  • Wow. I just heard you for the first time, doing a song on The Majority Report. I web searched for you, your name and “hypocrisy”, but I got your first name wrong. The search yielded exactly one result, it was 420radio, luckily you were there. There are both of Jimmy and Johnny there. Anyway.

    Here is what I think we should do:

    Make full employment an official national goal. Establish jobs programs at state and federal levels, including job transfer services

    Prohibit all police killings. Fire every single cop if necessary. Retrain all law enforcement to serve the 99%. End the death penalty. End the wars. End all killing.

    We are all slaves to the banks. Very very few are debt-free. Nothing gets built without a bank. Nobody buys a house without a bank. Establish public state banks like Dakota. Recharter all banks to require that all their activities be shown to be beneficial to the community and the state and the nation.

    End prohibition.

    Democratize the media. Take back the public airwaves from the corporatists and the corporations.

    To start with. I know you agree. There are other people like us out there. But I feel like the only one. I explain things to others from time to time. That is probably something I ought to be doing. But I long to have greater impact. Like you. You’re cool. Thanks, dude!

    Best Regards,

    Joe the Stack

    • Jimmy Reefercake

      you get it, right on. one of the best comments of have seen in ages. thanks Joe!