"How did you get that job?" by Jimmy Reefercake is played by Sam Seder on the Majority Report!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, all the hypocrisy dot com has reached the big time. Sam Seder has incorporated Chris Rosen's theme song into his show “How did you get that job?” by yours truly, Jimmy Reefercake. You can hear the entire show here

link to Majority Report with JR's theme song for Chris Rosen

It began as a silly dream, but my persistence finally paid off. This is nothing compared to crazy shit like running for Selectman in a rural conservative town.

About the song….its been a busy month of design work madness here with nonstop snowstorms to boot, but the idea of writing a song for Sammy's show, sprang into my mind Saturday morning as I tried to work…I said to myself…Netflix is cool…I work in sweatpants…I am on Chris Rosen's side. sammy stop making fun of the guy….then I thought, Sammy is not going to like this. He takes great pleasure in messing with Chris Rosen. Then “how'd you get that job” sprang to mind.

I've never written about writing a song in this manner, but, hey why not let it all hang out. I got on the friggin' Sammy show. Hopefully the theme song will remain a steady part of the show – so check it out every friday at 11:30 am ET….just to make sure.


  • M.Uila

    There’ll be no living with you now… nice work, Jimmy!

  • retarded monkey woman (aka. mrs reefercake)

    tell me about it!

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    the best part was when sammy gave the all the hypocrisy dot com reference, time to bring it uila!!!

  • Madman

    fantastic! Jimmy Reeferpants? Chris Rosen deserves Sammy’s berating…

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Sammy knows…..RESPECT THE REEFERCAKE!!

    Don’t bother listening to last friday’s show, Sammy was on the road and it was a trainwreck….unless you like listening to trainwrecks, Sammy’s voice stared slowing down, and he was totally off time with Chris. Worst of all Sammy mentioned that he did not have the theme song available. But the theme song was mentioned, which leads me to believe the song may have earned some permanence.