Government Loan- Featuring the Bath Mats



The present and future repeats the past,
you can find the truth in this podcast,
The suits in the media can’t be trusted,
The bubble of hypocrisy has to be busted.

friggin’ institutions the bigger they are,
always have a tendency to take it too far,
they’re lick lick lickin’ on their ice cream cone,
and they serve themselves another on the government’s loan.

they serve themselves another on a government loan.

chasing round people for growing a plant,
going on another war mongering rant,
covering the world with army forts,
taking off our shoes at all the airports,

Hey thats all I got to say,
bath mats take it away

  • Hey Jimmy, it’s so Impresive & Amazing to listen to this wonderful add vocal line ! Thanks ! Cheers From SW Pacifica end of earth