Put lipstick on a pig and give it a radio show

Just wanted to give us a nice look at this grade A hypocrite. Glenn describes how he was such a horrible person, until he joined the Mormon church, and God was so pleased that he immediately rewarded him with riches and fame on this earth.

Listened to his radio show a few times. He is just Rush Limbaugh with lipstick. Look at this blubbering jackass. I think that is great that he stopped the drinking and drugs, but I can’t stand how he self righteously proclaims how horrible he was, as if his prior disgusting character gives his new Godly character extra punch. Enough. I kind of respect how Limbaugh is at least a full force right wing jerk, and never gets all mushy about his drug problems. Glenn, maybe you could do a good show about drug and alchohol problems, take calls from addicts and change lives. But you are just another right wing jerk, keeping alive hate and fear, and the end result is driving your listeners to drink.

  • M.Uila

    Ugh, I can’t even watch it. He says “I had no friends” as if he has friends now. He’s truly the worst of the tv hosts, worse than even O’Reilly, and I think Fox just picked him up???