• Jimmy Reefercake

    eat the rich, eh, looks like beck has been doing allthe eating, these chubby conservative pundits have lost their freakin minds. they can’t handle the hope or the change, so they’e gone completely insane!

  • Jimmy Reefercake


    What a jerk.

  • Snake Eyes

    Fox News shoves 9/11 in your face like its a cake or a sound bite, or campaign slogan. Septemper 11th 2001 was a tragic and horrible day. Fox News uses that phrase “9/11″ as a stepping stone to promote hatred and divide the United States of America. Glenn Beck almost sounded like Ann Coulter for a minute as he critized families of 9/11 victims. Its like Bill Clinton said..”Those guys are on automatic. You punch a button and they give the answer they give you.” The more I listen to Fox News the further and further I instinctually feel I am being pushed away from the truth. Thats right…why doesn’t some one tell us the truth.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    thats why that shitstain rudi juliano didn’t get any votes in the primary. using 9-11 to score political points has become purely disgusting. w went to that well too many time.

  • Pinko

    Speaking of Colbert, here is a nice little jab he took at the State of Maine. You guys may not find it funny, but my inner masshole did.

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