Franken v. Thune

Here is some quality Senatorialization on the part of Al Franken today….  As you watch this, keep in mind that Sen. Thune is being groomed as the Republican Obama of 2012 – the young, handsome senator with no record and no baggage, on whose persona the teabaggers of America can project all their hopes and dreams…

Republican congressmen are worthless.  Smack ’em down!


  • Jimmy Reefercake

    the senator from south dakota is a jackass. why doesn’t he come out and just say, “I am entitled to my own facts damn you!!” the republicans in congress are a bunch of robots from hell.

  • Madman

    Hilarious. Keep bringin the Franken! We need an ALL AL TV channel. Somebody needs to call bullshit on these people.

  • Madman