Forgive me ATH for I have sinned

I really went too far this time.  I attended a Bruins game at the Garden and sat in the Bank of American luxury box.  I ate and drank all night on a tab known as “the taxpayer’s stimulus money” from the best view in the house (center ice on the player’s bench side) and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt or regret……until now.  To be honest, the guys that invited us couldn’t have been nicer but one piece of conversation stuck out in my mind.  We were talking about the banks that have sponsored the Garden over the years like Bay Bank, Bank of Boston, Fleet, and now TD Bank.  Apparently they all get gobbled up by these uber banks like Bank of America, TD (Toronto Dominion), Citi, and JP Morgan.  In fact I looked up some of the mergers and aquisitions over the past few decades and the list is mind boggling.  Can this concentration of wealth be healthy?  It gives me some wicked heartburn (or maybe that was just from stuffing my face with chowdah, quesadillas, and heineken)….that and making a withdrawal from a Bank of America atm when you don’t have an account with them….

So how many hail marys do I have to throw?  Or say?  Help me out here I’m not Catholic.  And speaking of hail marys, Let’s go Saints!