Forgive me ATH for I have sinned

I really went too far this time.  I attended a Bruins game at the Garden and sat in the Bank of American luxury box.  I ate and drank all night on a tab known as “the taxpayer’s stimulus money” from the best view in the house (center ice on the player’s bench side) and didn’t feel an ounce of guilt or regret……until now.  To be honest, the guys that invited us couldn’t have been nicer but one piece of conversation stuck out in my mind.  We were talking about the banks that have sponsored the Garden over the years like Bay Bank, Bank of Boston, Fleet, and now TD Bank.  Apparently they all get gobbled up by these uber banks like Bank of America, TD (Toronto Dominion), Citi, and JP Morgan.  In fact I looked up some of the mergers and aquisitions over the past few decades and the list is mind boggling.  Can this concentration of wealth be healthy?  It gives me some wicked heartburn (or maybe that was just from stuffing my face with chowdah, quesadillas, and heineken)….that and making a withdrawal from a Bank of America atm when you don’t have an account with them….

So how many hail marys do I have to throw?  Or say?  Help me out here I’m not Catholic.  And speaking of hail marys, Let’s go Saints!

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    No guilt necessary, because all those activities stimulated the economy. and stimulated your senses. but yeah, they merge and acquire all day long, only to end up with a giant monopoly, in the form of inefficient corporate buearocracy that sucks money down the drain.

    as to the money that they ship out in foreign investment, and of course the risky speculations that they take…that is the bullshit.

  • M.Uila

    It’s high time we had a chowdah tag!

    Not only is Bank of America a zombie corporation, they perpetrated a massive fraud on both their shareholders and tax payers. I’m not in the habit of reading lawsuits, but this summary is fascinating.

    So yeah, go ahead and feast on their bloated remains while ye may. They don’t feel guilty, why should you?

    PS, under 30″ of snow in Baltimore, with another 12-20 inches due tomorrow. And me without my sled.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    we got no friggin snow for weeks up here! it is just damn cold.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    actually, on second thought, give me 30 push-ups pinko. you are getting soft hanging with the piggly wigglies! pretty soon mr. burns from the simpson’s will beat you in arm wrestling.

  • Pinko

    I’m feeling rather inadequate with less than an inch…..of snow that is. Pleny of ice though. I’ve been skating like a madman working out the lower body. My legs are like tree trunks. Ok, well maybe more like medium size branches.

  • Jack Assbeck

    i went jogging in my long underwear, and some fleece pj bottoms. i forgot about the flap…about 2 miles in I was like “my pecker is freezing…” took me a while to realize the frozen and shrunken unit was getting direct exposure to the frigid winter air….luckily I managed to bring it back to life…hope noone saw me running down the road with my hand down my pants…

    no joke. true story. happened yesterday. long live the hypocrisy!!!