Fiscal Fanatics Phony Freakout

First let me recommend you drink tap water. Its safe, clean, environmentally friendly and brought to you by my hardworking clients. Should you decide to suckle off the germ ridden teet of ‘the bottle’ and deny yourself the wonders of chlorine and other disinfectants, here is a simple reminder for you in your inevitable discussions with the creatures who gather ‘around the water cooler’:

The freakout over the ‘massive’ and ‘outrageous’ 3.5T budget needs historical perspective…click for the real data nobody wants to talk about. W increased spending by about a trillion dollars over his two terms…steadily each year. Last year we spent about 3 trillion dollars. In light of our current situation, a 3.5T budget with a pledge to crank it back down next year sounds very reasonable to me. Now is the time. In 3 years, when the economy has recovered and the deficit halved, we’ll have yet another chapter in my favorite book, “Republicans Don’t Know Shit About the Economy” as written by people who observe real events.