First Ever Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill is Introduced

Its time to get serious because the battle is on. Our chance has finally come. The first-ever Congressional bill to let states legalize marijuana is here.

Let it be known to politicians who will not join Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) in this bipartisan effort to allow Americans the fundamental freedom to pursue their own happiness, you saw what I did to Anthony Weiner, you will be next. Anyone who votes against this bill they will face a tough re-election because the overwhelming majority of Americans support the legalization of reefers.

Here are the scum sucking bastards who want to defeat reefers…

I am sure there will be plenty of hypocrites who want to deny us the chance to finally make some progress. Its going to be an interesting summer. Oh, here is one of them, Lamar Smith, jackass from Texas.

Wake up, Texas, this man is a disgrace.