Fear of Ebola

Fear of Ebola

the fear of ebola is out of controlla

the fear of ebola has crippled your life,
you refuse to leave the house, you won’t even touch your wife,
You won’t even let your children out to play in the park,
You want to cancel all the flights and build your own noah’s arc.

I’ll give you something that is good for your health,
Why don’t you listen to the virus, here is Ebola himself,

My name is Ebola, and I think its insane,
out of all the viruses they giving me a bad name,
I can only be transmitted in the bodily fluids,
waterborne, foodborn, airborn, thats not how I do it,

In Africa, its crowded and there is poor sanitation,
Why don’t we focus on helping these african nations?

overlap x4
the fear of ebola is out of controlla
brought to you by the People for Equal Treatment of Ebola
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