Et Tu Flute?

In the upcoming Massachusetts Senate election, Doug Flutie is looking to throw another Hail Mary.

I definitely support Scott Brown.  He would be an independent voice down in Washington.  He’s a great family man, a friend, and a guy I trust 100%.

Intriguing!  So who is this Republican candidate Scott Brown, and why does Flutie want to put a ball in his end zone?

Cosmo has the definitive profile

I think it’s safe to say he’s locked up the teabag vote…

because he clearly leans to the right…

and does not support a large stimulus package… (wow, the bad jokes write themselves!)

Hey, Scott, here’s a pro-tip from your friends at All The Hypocrisy: if you only need one hand to cover your junk, why bother?

* * * * *

Bonus Boston Football-Themed Homoerotica:


Why am I not surprised

Christ, has Larry Bird weighed in yet?  What’s he waiting for?

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Uila, I was just about to post this dude! this si serious shit if he wins, massholes have really done it to is.

    prediction, after they are laughed out of politics, he and palin costar in a porno, republicans gone wild.

  • Pinko

    My blood runs cold!

    Critics say he had a full hahd-on in that pitcha. No worries, I was readin’ the papah and it has Mahthar up by two touchdowns. I don’t see it being wicked close.

    Besides, Mr. Brown is a clown who rides through town in a coffin….

    Upsetting, upsetting, upsetting the town…

  • M.Uila
  • Pinko

    Shit! I guess this thing is close. Just got a call from the Big O himself (ok maybe it was recorded). Can polls swing so wildly in the matter of a week? I still have trouble believing that MA would elect a Republican Senator….maybe folks are upset because dems are acting like pussies these days. Seems like there afraid to so much as fart without the 60 seat majority. Who gives a shit about Ben Nelson? Throw him under the bus! Go for the majority in sensible, non-god-fearing states, like Maine. Let the Repubs filibuster and call them out on it! Let them filibuster healthcare for all and let them defend the insurance companies. Ahhhh! I’m going to go crazy!

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    according MSNBC last light this race is already over…Brown wins!!!

    we shall see….

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  • Pinko

    The mentality of the average Scott Brown voter….

    And since I know the ATH loves good music, a little Doug Flutie Band coming your way (his band played Brown’s victory party)…

  • Madman

    The fucking retarded chanting at his victory party sent chills up my spine. It is the sound of so many knuckles dragging and the loud prehistoric grunting of the low information voter.