Drug War Propaganda

Just went fishing for the latest in war on drugs propaganda from the white house.

The science in this study is a joke. They point out that less kids admit to having used drugs and then give the credit to the widespread increase in school drug testing programs. Never mind the fact that when presented with a police state atmosphere at schools, kids may be less honest about their activities.

I am no fan of kids using drugs or alcohol. However, I feel the crux of the issue is misinformation about drugs, i.e. reefer madness, that gives kids a fundamental misunderstanding of the relative dangers of different drugs. In other words a kid may smoke pot, find it quite harmless, and then say why not try meth? And if booze is legal, why not down a fifth of jack and puke your guts out?  The illegality of pot contributes to its gateway phenomenon. So whenever some utterly hypocritical bastard tells you pot is a gateway drug, tell them that if it was legal, it would not be a gateway. The logic is pretty simple…is it not?