Allright, enought of this pansy ass Obama shit, I say we crown Ventura the leader of the anit-hypocrisy movement.  I will follow him to the gates of hell.

What the hell have they done to our country? And all this talk of waterboarding made me recall this all-time great song. The song is so good it makes me sad.

“I can still hear you when you drown.”

“I wish, I wish I could lie
I will, I will try”

  • M.Uila

    Nice videos, JR.

    Jesse might as well go back to Mexico for all the sensible talk he brings.

  • M.Uila

    Here’s your buddy’s reaction to Jesse:

    Bootlickers, every one!

    Also, more from Glennzilla on Jesse’s startling application of common sense. He has a good rundown on all the prominent “serious” people calling for investigations.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    scarborough, you self righteous sack of shit.

    no, I am quite serious when I say Jesse is the real deal.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    i miss the old pumpkins. can you feel the emotion in his voice? it is such a comfortable groove, the jamming is at par with phish or any jam band.