Droning on about Drones

A shout out to the salad days of ATH, when the pun in the title was the key to success! Rand Paul is droning on about drones!

Well, good for him in actually doing an old fashioned filibuster like a man!! Bringing attention to the issue, and of course, attention to his own charm and prowess….the libertarian who lurks in the wings hungry for a 2016 presidential run.

whats my take? I’d say that we better get used to the fact that our big powerful government uses only the best military hardware….how else could they keep up with the weaponry available to civilians? I think the more important issue is whether the government kills any innocent people, whether it be by drone or bayonet, they are going to choose their method. I’d on the side of killing less innocent people in general. Know what I’m sayin’?

More exciting than the droning on, how about you listen to my drone song!

my own drone