Compare and Contrast

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Uila Update:

How stupid are these people??

Keep in mind, that guy is the ranking Republican member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee – in other words, the head schmuck.  Meanwhile, the governor of Mississippi is lamenting that the escrow account – intended to help his victimized citizens – would be better spent on… more drilling.  Needless to say, both these guys are neck deep in oil money.  Everyone else is just neck deep in oil.

  • M.Uila

    One more thing… did you notice the equivalency he made toward the end of the clip between citizens and corporations?

    Poor BP, just another victimized citizen in this whole ugly affair!! Boo hoo!! Who will stick up for the little (oil) man??

  • M.Uila

  • Madman

    Obama should be congratulated for getting BP to agree with the 20B set aside. I think in the end it actually will limit their liability somewhat, though the exact terms and conditions haven’t been spelled out yet. But the fact is, as your link illustrates so perfectly, the corporation holds all the cards in the courts, so this is a huge win for the people affected. I wonder if Barton’s constituents will figure that out…