Come On, Coleman

I fully support any candidate’s rights to contest the results of any election in accordance with the laws of that state, even if that state has really f’ed up laws (which is why I support national standards for our electoral process which really wouldn’t cost as much as they say it would) But Coleman no longer has a rational argument except ‘it was so close that we need to do a re-vote’ even though the state’s laws don’t allow a revote, so essentially he has no argument at all. Of course, we all know what this is about these GOP bastards aren’t really hiding it…

“The battle in Washington is real. Every day in the Senate without Al Franken is a great day,” Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) recently told a Tulsa audience. Politico reported that Republicans back the idea of Coleman appealing his case indefinitely because “a long fight is worth it if it keeps Franken from becoming the 59th Senate Democrat, which would give President Barack Obama a huge advantage over the next two years.”

In light of 2000 this ranks as hypocrisy of the decade. The entire state has been recounted. The state has a very simple process of contesting and deciding contested ballots. Its over, deal with it assholes.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    YES YES! reminds me of a funny song i heard one time..

    well I may have some unordinary views,
    I believe Al Franken is the king of the jews.