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I came across this via Digby, who also has a must-read post today about the ludicrous discussions going on in Congress about the need to strip Americans of their citizenship if they are suspected of supporting terrorists. The freedom-lovers on the right feel that this is gravely important to secure the homeland.  But when Mayor Bloomberg points out that people on the watch list are currently free to buy guns… suddenly their heads explode and the 2nd amendment must not be abridged at any cost.

Just so we’re all clear:

(1) American citizen + terrorist sympathizer + deny guns = BAD

(2) American citizen + terrorist sympathizer + strip citizenship/torture/deport = GOOD

It’s a miracle we’ve made it as a country as long as we have.  I get the strong sense that it’s mostly been inertial forces that have kept our civil rights intact up until now, but those forces are just about spent. Creeping authoritarianism has really taken a toll if elected officials can have these discussions with a straight face.

Since we’re on the subject, read this too: If the TSA Were Running New York

– All vans or SUVs headed into Midtown Manhattan would have to stop and have their contents inspected. If any vehicle seemed for any reason to have escaped inspection, Midtown in its entirety would be evacuated;
– A whole new uniformed force — the Times Square Security Administration, or TsSA – would be formed for this purpose;
– The restrictions would never be lifted and the TsSA would have permanent life, because the political incentives here work only one way. A politician who supports more open-ended, more thorough, more intrusive, more expensive inspections can never be proven “wrong.” The absence of attacks shows that his measures have “worked”; and a new attack shows that inspections must go  further still. A politician who wants to limit the inspections can never be proven “right.” An absence of attacks means that nothing has gone wrong — yet. Any future attack would always and forever be that politician’s “fault.” Given that asymmetry of risks, what public figure will ever be able to talk about paring back the TSA?
  • Jimmy Reefercake

    holy crap that movie trailer friggin ROCK!

    unrelated…kind of, this cracked me up, from the comments on this article

    FredTaylor said…
    John Chase is a man of integrity. He used to be one heck of a detective too. He’s put more skinners and felons in jail than you can shake a stick at. When he retired from Westbrook PD the State considered naming a wing at the new State prison after him in recognition for all the miscreants he sent there. I had the pleasure of working with him back in 74. We walked a foot beat together in the Frenchtown neighborhood. We broke enough billy-clubs to fill a lumber yard. It was a hoot back then. You had me, Tom Flood, Dick Aspley, Mike Sanfries, Al Bumble, and Scott Durst all working the same shift. When we showed up they scattered like Hyenas from a carcass. If Chase claims he made a mistake, I’ll take his word on it, period. The rest of you buffoons can take your tree hugging opinions and stick em up you nose. Chase had my back on the street and I got his here in this Kangaroo court you call a comment section.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    just liek to comment about all the ruckus those assholes made over holding some god dammned trial in NYC for a terrorist. Bloomberg is a shit eating scoundrel. piss off!