Chuck Todd: Back-Pedaling Douche Bag…

…and Hypocrite. Maybe I’m being too harsh here but these mainstream guys who ignore the real issues are more dangerous than the fringe psychos like Beck and Coulter. People see Chuck Todd on a major news outlet and assume he has credibility, as maybe they should, since he is the Chief White House Correspondent and NBC News Political Director. Here Coach Todd draws up a nice gameplan for the Obama Administration…….

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Maybe his two titles are contradictory or at the very least I think his political role overshadows his role as a journalist and correspondent. I mean, I don’t want the guy who reports on strategy and repeats political spin to be the guy that asks the tough questions of the administration. And Todd obviously opted for the lazy route and prefers to follow party politics and political strategy rather than doing the critical thinking and reporting about what issues matter to our country.

The only important thing the president has to focus on is getting the public’s trust on the economy. Cheney, the CIA, and in some respects Sotomayor are cable catnip.

Torture is not a distraction. He needs to remind us about the atrocities carried out under the Bush and Cheney Administration and ask the Obama Administration why they don’t want prosecutions. Yes healthcare and the economy are important too but the viewing audience deserves in depth coverage of all these issues. While that may require some critical reporting on three different matters, I think he can handle it, after all he is the freaking Senior White House Correspondent and NBC News Political Director. Hell, if you want to do gameplanning, become an ESPN analyst.

Well, Glenn Greenwald has Todd on for an interview and really takes him to task for trying divert our attention from prosecuting torture and reducing torture to a matter that will only cause cable news anchors become hyper and swing their paws wildly in the air. In the interview he argues against prosecutions because they will become political theater. WELL LET THEM! If politicians or pundits want to argue against prosecuting torturers, let them! Put it on the tee vee for all to see. First and foremost we need transparency and accoutability and then let the politics fall where they may.

Todd also has the audacity to suggest that losing an election is enough punishment for crimes of torture! What is this insane logic? That means Gore suffered the same punishment as Bush because Bush allowed torture and Gore won an election???? But besides that, Bush already served two terms and could not run for reelection! I mean, there are candidates who lose elections who have never actually been president. I think Greenwald explains it best:

When, generally, if I go out and rob a bank tomorrow, what happens to me is not that I lose an election. What happens is to me is that I go to prison. So, what do you think should happen when presidents get caught committing crimes in office? What do you think ought to happen?

Then Greenwald astutely points out a second reason why Obama or any president may want to avoid prosecuting a previous president…

It’s not surprising, is it, that current presidents would like to keep in place this prohibition that we have against presidents and high government officials being prosecuted for crimes. That would make sense, right? I mean, if I were a White House official, I would love that rule, that White House officials don’t get prosecuted for crimes that…

And then Todd hypocritically feigns regret about the political side because he knows that the politics is why he gets a paycheck (If you can decipher his incoherent rambling).

And the problem is, there is a department, and you can’t, whether this, you can sit here and say, you know what, that’s exactly what’s wrong with the Beltway. But there has been this fatigue about it because the use of prosecutions has been too politicized, to the point where I think it has made it where it’s just unfortunately too easy to dismiss an investigation.

This is followed by some blatant kissing of Greenwald’s ass. So until Todd removes his lips and starts listening to Greenwald and others with the same concerns, I propose a new title. Chuck Todd: Chief White House Puppet and NBC News Gameday Analyst.

Pinko Update

The great irony in the punishment by losing and election is that McCain, the tortured POW, was the one who suffered the punishment for Bush and Cheney’s crimes of torture. Not that the torture issue was the primary reason McCain lost, but it further emphasizes how arbitrary and irrelevant Todd’s idea was.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    ah yes pinko way to lash out at this wolf in sheeps clothing. I sentence him to 1000 lashings!!

  • M.Uila

    Glennzilla does a lot of these podcast thingies, and I rarely if ever listen to them, but this one was an exception. After the original Morning Joe appearance above, Greenwald ripped Todd a new one in his column. He concludes with this:

    As I’ve noted many times before — though it still never ceases to amaze me — the most revealing fact about our political culture is that the group most opposed to investigations of high-level political officials happens to be the very same group that was supposed to lead the way in investigating: our journalist class. Thomas Jefferson said:

    Our first object should therefore be, to leave open to him all the avenues of truth. The most effectual hitherto found, is freedom of the press. It is therefore, the first shut up by those who fear the investigation of their actions.

    That’s now completely reversed. It’s the establishment press that stands most stalwart against investigations. They believe, as Richard Cohen so memorably put it when railing against the Lewis Libby conviction, that “it is often best to keep the lights off.” Few things explain better what has happened to our political class than the fact that (with some important exceptions) it is establishment journalists who are the most aggressive opponents of investigations of high-level government lawbreaking. Trying to prevent investigations of their friends, colleagues and bosses in political power is one of the few times they’re willing so explicitly to turn themselves into advocates, as Chuck Todd did here.

    That got Todd’s attention and lead to the podcast, which is worth listening to, if only to hear how pathetic the protestations of Todd for failing to do his journalistic duty. As Pinky notes, his argument is essentially “Political investigations will be… POLITICAL! [faints]”

    Nicely done, Pink. Though if you’re trying to increase female readership, I believe the politically correct insult is “colostomy bag”.

  • M.Uila
  • Pinko

    Fighting hypocrisy from Peggy’s Cove this weekend. Actually I’m sitting in a beach chair, sunburnt and drunk, reading The Rum Diary while sipping a gin and tonic. Nautical nitwits are in full force. Jetskiis everywhere but the weather is glorious.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Pinky, I like how you are living. Up here in the northlands the ocean water is actually quite warm….that elusive 1 month window of beach glory.

    we just got 3 cds i recommend you all must buy
    -the bad weather (no-brainer)
    -the kills (debut album)…(she’s the lead singer for dead weather)
    -danzig (signature danzig debut album, love it, oh MOTHERRR!!!!)

  • Pinko

    I just got a borders gift card and I’m looking for music recommendations. Did you mean Dead Weather? Also, if I had to choose between Icky Thump or Get Behind Me Satan, which should I go with?

    I’ve been listening to some of Mike Gordon’s side projects. Sixty Six Steps with Leo Kottke is good and so is this.

    Any other recommendations? Spooby, how is the new Chickenfoot? 😉

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    yeah, dead weather – get it love it.

    i think you need to start with get behind me satan.

    of course – ray lamontagne’s latest album with “meg white” you gotta love it

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