Chris Rosen Movie Picks on the Majority Report

I’ll be posting this one every week. I did the friggin’ theme song! It sets the tone for the weekly Sam Seder Chris Rosen bit. Sammy give Chris a hard time for sitting around watching movies all day oblivious to the real concerns of the world. Sammy once called it “beating the dog”. This week the dog bites back by not watching Sammy’s movie “Who’s the Caboose?”.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    I watched “Who’s the Caboose” and I found it very enjoyable. It had the feel of a “Best in Show”, a reality spoof with a bunch of comedians, crazy agents and Hollywood types, some sort of quirky Jewish cliques, people getting drunk. A lot of funny moments, the aggressive agent who shakes Sam’s hand while he is trying to take a piss, the woman who is in tears because of Sara Silverman’s arm hair. I would have liked to see more pot references throughout. I would have made it more realistic. The aggressive agent should have been snorting coke, but why split hairs, it is worth the watch, and streaming for free on Netflix right now!