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Poor Baby Paul LePage Won't Meet Until He Gets His Way!

The real set up for this song must include the fact that poor little baby Paul LePage is REFUSING TO EVEN MEET TO CONDUCT THE PEOPLE”S BUSINESS because he doesn’t like the fact that the democratic party is employing a video tracker to record the stupid things that come out of his big fat mouth. He’s already had so many such statements that the democratic party would be foolish not to employ the standard industry practice of video tracking your opponent. The governor is a disgrace.

Tracking Paul LePage

Video Tracking Paul LePage,
yes I’m, video tracking everything he says,
video tracking every place that he’s been,
video tracking let the fun begin!

videos of famous LePagisms,
i can’t get enough of it, feeling the rhythm,


he don’t give a crap about studying the books,
he don’t give a crap about how stupid he looks,
Until they got trounced in the election!!!
Now Paul is pissed off and looking for a distraction!!
its all this video tracking

“So the worst case is some women may have little beards.” LePage
dismissing the health dangers of BPA (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/2011).
“And as your governor you are goin’ to be seein’ a lot of me on the
front page saying “Governor LePage tells Obama to ‘Go to Hell’” Bangor
Daily News – 09/29/2010

Top 10 ATH Pages for 2012

There is still a few weeks to go, so the numbers could change, but here are the top pages for 2012 at this moment. Take a look at all the awesomeness in entertainment and ranting that we provide here at all the hypocrisy dot com.

1-This 2009 Uila classic still tops the books. Now its 3 years later and we have states where recreational use is legal. Winning.

2-This instant Reefercake classic was about the 2012 presidential debates.

3-Another instant classic was my response to the Costas comments on guns.

4-The “about” page has also seen a lot of action, this hasn’t been edited since the ATH inception….so it could use some updating..

5-2012 Obama Election song

6-This was when I retired from the Sam Seder show….I guess I came back out of retirement since then! This reminds me that I owe Sam Seder a phone call although I sort of dread getting dragged into the weeds of another libertarian vs liberal debate. How about we legalize weed first then we can see how that changes the playing field?

7-Reasons to Buy the Album scoring high…so I guess the album sales are just around the corner.

8-This is A personal favorite, MITT ROMNEY GOT A LOBOTOMY. I was glad to see it in the top ten.

9-An interesting category choice “Democratic Morons” makes it in!

10. Drum Roll please….OH MY GOODNESS!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN we have a tie between the two categories!

Come on Obama

Take a break from the natural disaster, and recognize the political tsunami. If Romney wins the election there will be no trace of a doubt that Obama’s week stance on marijuana legalization will be the straw that broke the camels back.
Combined with a lack of real enthusiasm from true progressives like this
Of course the mainstream media won’t report it like that. They’ll make like it appear the Romney plan on the economy was the key. Bottom line is that we are all fucked and it all coudl have been avoided if Obama had not become such a hypocrite on marijuana.

Lets talk about, marijuana,
Yeah, I’m talking to you, president Obama,

While Donald Trump’s demanding your certificate of birth,
Jimmy Reefercake is wondering what your word is worth,
President Obama, why did you let us down?
You liked smoking reefer in your Hawaiian home town,

Come on Obama, don’t you know,
This prohibition is the new Jim Crow,

Obama, you are still my choice in the voting booth,
Despite all the hypocrisy, I think you mostly tell the truth,
But don’t you know its great embarrassment to this nation,
That we could lead the entire world in the rate of incarceration.

Come on Obama, don’t you know,
This prohibition is the new Jim Crow,

I think most folks like reefer too, especially at the beach,
But Obama keeps trying to sway voters that he’ll never reach.

Come on Obama, don’t you know,
This prohibition is the new Jim Crow,

Come on Obama2



Same Old Crap Podcast- Angus King Flippitty and Reefer Madness

Angus King is Mr. Popularity up here in Maine, but the man is clueless about the tax code and he blames reefer madness for alcoholism. Angus King is plain foolish on these important issues, but I will still need to vote for him to avoid helping that handsome stuffed shirt republican, Charlie Summers.

Here is a link to the Pulse Morning Show Podcast and here is a link to the king of progressive talk, Thom Hartmann. Please check out their shows and support the awesome work that they do. Thom absolutely nailed it by saying exactly what I have been saying about gay marriage and Obama…..and how the same thing can work with medical marijuana and Obama. Come on, Obama, have some courage.

2012-10-17 soc podcast reefer madness

Same Old Crap Podcast, Teacher's Strike Episode

This week Jimmy Reefercake shows how the pros do it — the show must go on, cold and flu season be damned!  Through all the pain and cold meds, this show brings some serious insight into the Chicago Teacher’s strike.


The Usefulness in Tolerating Hypocrisy

I was thinking about the utter failure of our government that seems to have steadily gotten worse throughout my life…pointless wars, unfair taxes, need I say any more? What is the best strategy for change?  Lets begin with one of those SAT, what do you call ’ems….

Green Party is to the Democratic Party as Blank is to the Republican Party

The blank is Libertarian, right? Greens and Dems agree on most stuff, but the Greens try to cleanse themselves of hypocrisy.  Repubs and Libertarians agree on a lot, but again, the libertarians try to go light on the hypocrisy.

Ron Paul is in the Republican party, because he can handle some hypocrisy, and he is smart enough to know that it is a bigger stage.  However, presidential candidate Jill Stein is in the Green party. On the issues I agree with Jill and the Green Party 100%. But I wonder about the strategy. Are you allowed to run in the Democratic party and still call yourself a Green?

Finally, lets do the math….Libertarians and Greens agree, legalize Marijuana….but it still hasn’t happened. So the only way to change is to work with the establishment parties. Its going to suck to have to co-exist with the hypocrisy, but sometimes you need to wade into to the muck in order to get your clams.

Potheads are Cool

Let this one ring across this great nation, where marijuana is the biggest cash crop. Let the proud people of this country reclaim our own soil, and the consumers are more than willing to foot the bill and pay the tax. Let freedom ring!

potheads are cool

c f c
We potheads would pay for all the roads,
c f g
We potheads would pay for all the schools,
amin g
We won’t whine about the tax,
f c
We’ll just sit back and relax,
c f c
Because potheads are cool,
c g f c
I said, because potheads are cool,

c f c
All taxpayers are paying for the jails,
c f g
We’d like to change these marijuana rules,
amin g
We won’t whine about the tax,
f c
We’ll just sit back and relax,
c f
Because potheads are
c g f c
Because potheads are cool,

Reasons to Buy the Jimmy Reefercake Album

I just saw a few albums were sold yesterday and it occurs to me that the pleading I am doing on the internets may be working…you can buy my album here on itunes, but we are a long, long, way from where we need to be. I made the following promise to Sam Seder, host of the Majority Report on 

If I can sell 50
albums on itunes, I will become a MAJORITY REPORT MEMBAH!

….if I can sell 420 albums, I will become a DIRTY EFFIN HIPPY.

….if I can sell 4200 albums, I will become GEORGE SOROS

If that weren’t reason enough, let me provide you with these Reasons to Buy the Jimmy Reefercake Album:

1. Support the message. Occupy Wall Street is About the Unfair Exercise of Government Power and that’s what my music is about. Whether its marijuana or medicare, I tell it like it  is, so that eventually, just maybe, we can get our shit together and win!

2. Marijuana reform. This is my number one issue, not just because I like reefer, not just because I think reefer is good, its because Occupy Wall Street is About the Unfair Exercise of Government Power. I think that when we realize that we have power, we can use it in all kinds of ways. Of course the same old crap of income disparity is huge on the reefercake agenda, I have even more songs about the rich screwing over the poor than I do about reefer. However, if we can’t do the simple things that liberals and libertarians alike agree on, like ending the wars, like legalizing safe products, then what the hell are we ever going to be able to do? Nothing. Thats what douche-bags like Bill Scher and Ed Schultz need to understand. The big picture. I take it back, they are not douche-bags, they are just guys who I agree with on 75% of what they say, but I wish they would be just as smart about the simple stuff as they are about the complicated. But maybe a tidal wave of Reefercake education will help them understand.

3. Be nice to me and I will be nice to you.  I keep working hard on my stuff, and people are enjoying it. Word is getting out, my friends and family are all starting to know what I am doing and where I stand. Its cool, but it would really help me out a lot to be able to say I have sold a few hundred albums and made a few hundred bucks to justify the many hundreds of hours that I spend. Otherwise, there isn’t much wind in my sails and I kind of look stupid in the eyes of those who are on the fence. In the eyes of folks like Dick Vinegar, who think marijuana reform is a lost cause, in the eyes of people who refuse to buy my album but would pay for a live show. Well, I would like to do live shows, I really would, but I need a sign that shows me that coming out of the closet a little more won’t result in embarrassment. For example, artists like Willie Nelson, or Snoop Dog, are very open about their support of marijuana, and they probably use reefer a lot more than me, but they can do so and the mainstream accepts them. Why? Because they make money doing it, crap loads of money. When someone takes the road of mocking me for what I am doing, I need to have sold some albums, so that I can say, even in this crappy world where money is the ultimate measuring stick, I am making some inroads.

4. With that said, I am going to keep doing what I am doing anyway. I write songs for the people because it is in my heart, it keeps me from getting bored, so if you see me post another free song on twitter, all you freeloaders, go on an get ‘er! But please one of these days buy a couple songs or an album, because you know the purity of what I am doing.

Can you think of any other reasons to buy my albums? There have to be hundreds more, please post them here. Of course I expect more jesting from the Dick Vinegars of the world, and that’s fine by me. It been a long time since Dick Vinegar has shown his mushroom head in these parts. What say you, Dick?

Same Old Crap- Get High Again, Mr. President

I think the frustration level just maxed out for me this week when I started thinking about Obama and his wicked awesome pot smoking days. Its the same old crap, and it makes me wonder if anything I do in the arena of entertainment will ever amount to anything more than a heaping pile of the same old crap. Which reminds to make a plea to please buy my album on itunes and put some wind in my limp sails. That’s right Dick Vinegar, I said limp. And if you don’t want to buy the whole album, at least buy a song or two. I’d say “Twitter your Weiner” and “Mitt Romney Got a Lobotomy”.

Here is what I have learned. The promise of the internet is largely being wasted. Its been sucked up by the facebooks and the twitters and drowned out and watered down so that we are practically at square one again. One reason is that there are so many who are in the same boat as me, trying to make a little money to justify the time that they put in. We are not greedy, but our numbers are high, and I think that makes it hard for anyone to pull the trigger to support anyone else. But we all pay our cable bill, and support the shit that they pump into our households. Actually, I removed that bit of hypocrisy from my lifestyle, so long live netflix, and I’ll deal with the occasionally shitty reception from my digital antenna.

Has the internet made people more knowledgable about the problems we face? Maybe. But the knowledge is quickly neutralized by the lack of results, which translates into a lack of motivation.

I am realizing it might be better to do nothing than to try to make all the hypocrisy live up to its promise. In any case, I am looking to breath some life into this piece of shit website. At least, help me bring back the glory days of this post.