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The Ultimate Win-Win: A Majority Report Members Drive Sponsored By Jimmy Reefercake

Move over Gangham style, its time for “Schecter style”.

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Here is an example, done for Chris Rosen

Chris Rosen (Schecter Style)

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Poor Baby Paul LePage Won't Meet Until He Gets His Way!

The real set up for this song must include the fact that poor little baby Paul LePage is REFUSING TO EVEN MEET TO CONDUCT THE PEOPLE”S BUSINESS because he doesn’t like the fact that the democratic party is employing a video tracker to record the stupid things that come out of his big fat mouth. He’s already had so many such statements that the democratic party would be foolish not to employ the standard industry practice of video tracking your opponent. The governor is a disgrace.

Tracking Paul LePage

Video Tracking Paul LePage,
yes I’m, video tracking everything he says,
video tracking every place that he’s been,
video tracking let the fun begin!

videos of famous LePagisms,
i can’t get enough of it, feeling the rhythm,


he don’t give a crap about studying the books,
he don’t give a crap about how stupid he looks,
Until they got trounced in the election!!!
Now Paul is pissed off and looking for a distraction!!
its all this video tracking

“So the worst case is some women may have little beards.” LePage
dismissing the health dangers of BPA (Bangor Daily News, 2/22/2011).
“And as your governor you are goin’ to be seein’ a lot of me on the
front page saying “Governor LePage tells Obama to ‘Go to Hell’” Bangor
Daily News – 09/29/2010

Top 10 ATH Pages for 2012

There is still a few weeks to go, so the numbers could change, but here are the top pages for 2012 at this moment. Take a look at all the awesomeness in entertainment and ranting that we provide here at all the hypocrisy dot com.

1-This 2009 Uila classic still tops the books. Now its 3 years later and we have states where recreational use is legal. Winning.

2-This instant Reefercake classic was about the 2012 presidential debates.

3-Another instant classic was my response to the Costas comments on guns.

4-The “about” page has also seen a lot of action, this hasn’t been edited since the ATH inception….so it could use some updating..

5-2012 Obama Election song

6-This was when I retired from the Sam Seder show….I guess I came back out of retirement since then! This reminds me that I owe Sam Seder a phone call although I sort of dread getting dragged into the weeds of another libertarian vs liberal debate. How about we legalize weed first then we can see how that changes the playing field?

7-Reasons to Buy the Album scoring high…so I guess the album sales are just around the corner.

8-This is A personal favorite, MITT ROMNEY GOT A LOBOTOMY. I was glad to see it in the top ten.

9-An interesting category choice “Democratic Morons” makes it in!

10. Drum Roll please….OH MY GOODNESS!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN we have a tie between the two categories!

Come on Obama

Take a break from the natural disaster, and recognize the political tsunami. If Romney wins the election there will be no trace of a doubt that Obama’s week stance on marijuana legalization will be the straw that broke the camels back.
Combined with a lack of real enthusiasm from true progressives like this
Of course the mainstream media won’t report it like that. They’ll make like it appear the Romney plan on the economy was the key. Bottom line is that we are all fucked and it all coudl have been avoided if Obama had not become such a hypocrite on marijuana.

Lets talk about, marijuana,
Yeah, I’m talking to you, president Obama,

While Donald Trump’s demanding your certificate of birth,
Jimmy Reefercake is wondering what your word is worth,
President Obama, why did you let us down?
You liked smoking reefer in your Hawaiian home town,

Come on Obama, don’t you know,
This prohibition is the new Jim Crow,

Obama, you are still my choice in the voting booth,
Despite all the hypocrisy, I think you mostly tell the truth,
But don’t you know its great embarrassment to this nation,
That we could lead the entire world in the rate of incarceration.

Come on Obama, don’t you know,
This prohibition is the new Jim Crow,

I think most folks like reefer too, especially at the beach,
But Obama keeps trying to sway voters that he’ll never reach.

Come on Obama, don’t you know,
This prohibition is the new Jim Crow,

Come on Obama2



Same Old Crap Podcast- Angus King Flippitty and Reefer Madness

Angus King is Mr. Popularity up here in Maine, but the man is clueless about the tax code and he blames reefer madness for alcoholism. Angus King is plain foolish on these important issues, but I will still need to vote for him to avoid helping that handsome stuffed shirt republican, Charlie Summers.

Here is a link to the Pulse Morning Show Podcast and here is a link to the king of progressive talk, Thom Hartmann. Please check out their shows and support the awesome work that they do. Thom absolutely nailed it by saying exactly what I have been saying about gay marriage and Obama…..and how the same thing can work with medical marijuana and Obama. Come on, Obama, have some courage.

2012-10-17 soc podcast reefer madness

Same Old Crap Podcast, Teacher's Strike Episode

This week Jimmy Reefercake shows how the pros do it — the show must go on, cold and flu season be damned!  Through all the pain and cold meds, this show brings some serious insight into the Chicago Teacher’s strike.