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ATH Podcast: Majority Report Producer Matt Lech

ATH PODCAST features Matt Lech @MattLech producer for the Majority Report @majorityfm we talk radio, Sam Seder, election fraud, truth-induced diarrhea and more

ATH Podcast: Majority Report Producer Matt Lech

Ben, the republican black man

ben the republican black man

This lil diddy is about Ben Carson of course, to the tune of the great song “Puff, the magic dragon”, inspired via twitter

@JimmyReefercake @_michaelbrooks @majorityfm Thanks Comrade Reefercakevilllisten to Glorious majority Report Podcast when I get home

— FREEDOM Liberal (@Communist_Dog) December 18, 2015


and request for THE post WAS MADE via facebook.



Ben the republican black man, lives in Maryland,
no longer does he chase his mom with a hammer in in his hand,
A famous brain surgeon, he has a blessed life,
no longer tries to stab his friend with a friggin knife

Ben the republican black man, runs for president,
No government experience, but don’t say that he can’t!
Ben, the republican black man, kinda like Herman Cain
Ben is more soft spoken, yet Ben is more insane,

Ben was asked if he was ruthless enough to do the deed
Of slaughtering innocent children, Ben, said, yes indeed!
Bombs Ben orders will inflict death and pain and strife
Yet Ben said the unborn fetus shall have the right to life,

Ben the republican black man, runs for president,
No government experience, but don’t say that he can’t!
A famous brain surgeon, he has a blessed life,
no longer tries to stab his friend with a friggin knife

Libertarian Values

The police state is evidence of the freedom that we’re losing,
Understanding libertarian values, always gets confusing,
What republicans really want is voodoo economics,
the NRA and wall street donors always line their pockets,
Libertarian values are not republican all,
Remember that my friends when your voting in the fall,

On the other hand you got democrat schill,
Gives prescription for change, but we get the same pill,
our hard tax earned dollars spent on weapons that kill,
giving aid to netanyahu out in isreal still
doing nothing stupid is our strategy now man?
but ramping up the cold war with Russia? -not a good plan,

If you value liberty and don’t want to fan the flames of war,
Thats what the following facebook pages are for
Progressive libertarianism,
Punk Rock Libertarians,
Libertarian Democrats,
and of course me, Jimmy Reefercake!

Libertarian Values

ATH Podcast 2-20-14: Biggest Fattest Governor Liar

LePage delivers with big time fraud with his Medicaid Expansion “Study” wink wink, to out-do Christie at the biggest fattest governor liar.

LePage is big, fat, a liar, and unfortunately, the Governor of the great state of Maine

ATH PODCAST 2-20-14 Biggest Fattest Governor Liar

The O’Chang Theme song is revealed…..big news, ATH PODCAST HAS BOOKED THE O”CHANGS TO BE OUR GUEST ON THE SHOW!

stay tuned…we can’t…and we won’t….and we don’t stop.

“Just like regular kids”

In the wake of this horrible tragedy, I’m just waiting for the conservative aholes to blame the terrorist bombing on reefer. The prediction has been made…perhaps we could have a pool on which right wing pundit ahole does so first… I take Howie Carr! Here is a reference to reefer in an interesting article about people who knew this kid in high school.

Another acquaintance said she knew Dzhokhar from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. She said he had a group of “maybe four or five” Russian-speaking friends whom he was never without. “All I really knew of them was that they smoked weed and liked to party, just like regular kids. Jahar was such a sweetheart.”

Ironically, when read in context, the person making the statement sounds accepting of reefer, and if anything she is having a hard time with the fact that someone who liked reefer could commit this horrible act. When I think about it, I kind of agree. Reefer is the least violent drug of all. But this kid may have had psychotic tendencies, which would make reefer a bad fit. Who knows if he even smoked the reef? But, mark my words this will be mentioned by conservative aholes.

Its also really strange how the person refers to Jahar as a sweetheart. As this point he appears to be a murderous bastard.

The Digital Age: Trolls and Sensitive People

Every now and then I come up with a random rant / moment of clarity. I record it in writing in a five minute fury full of typos and jibberish….this is one of these moments. Lets do it grumpy old man style, with memories of my childhood.

Back in my day as a 3rd grader, just a young lad, if I wanted to tease girl, I would make up a silly rhyme, like “Smelly Kelly” or draw a silly note or picture…nowadays we got the facebook and when some dumbass kid verbally attacks another kid on the internet, it can actually really hurt that kid’s feelings a lot more…just the simple fact of the digital age and that EVERYONE can see it brings a magnitude to the pain. All I am trying to say, we are humans doing the same kind of stuff we have always done, but now we have computers, and somehow everything is magnified.

I was also thinking about how I used to love to make mixed tapes. There was nothing sweeter than the yellow and block boom box I had with the TWO TAPE DECKS!! You could borrow people’s tapes and copy them, there was no talk of copyright. All of the sudden with the advent of computers and the internet, and Napster was rocking out and it became a huge controversy, what a big deal all the sudden.

I will conclude by recommending that we all chill out. If people want to make rude statements on the internet, they only make themselves look bad. The trolls want you to be sensitive, they love that. You are better off to just ignore them.

If people want to copy music, big friggin’ deal! Thats why you make music, so people can listen. You want to sell albums, then start an Indiegogo campaign and start begging like the rest of us.

Droning on about Drones

A shout out to the salad days of ATH, when the pun in the title was the key to success! Rand Paul is droning on about drones!

Well, good for him in actually doing an old fashioned filibuster like a man!! Bringing attention to the issue, and of course, attention to his own charm and prowess….the libertarian who lurks in the wings hungry for a 2016 presidential run.

whats my take? I’d say that we better get used to the fact that our big powerful government uses only the best military hardware….how else could they keep up with the weaponry available to civilians? I think the more important issue is whether the government kills any innocent people, whether it be by drone or bayonet, they are going to choose their method. I’d on the side of killing less innocent people in general. Know what I’m sayin’?

More exciting than the droning on, how about you listen to my drone song!

my own drone

Germo (Schecter Style)

If I can ever break away from my normal life for a Reefercake tour, I will def take Germo up on his offer of raviolis and wine. Here is Germo (Schecter Style)

Germo (Schecter Style)

I think Germo liked it!