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Team of Destiny

I hope you fools are watching this game… making Wisconsin look like a bunch of teabadgers. Thank Ezra I can stream the game, because the local teevee affiliate prefers to show every last minute of the terps defeat. Next round is in the Carrier Dome… Madman, any tix available for this one?

PS, here is senior forward Jon Jacques’ blog over at the New York Times. Not only can they play, them boys got book larnin’ too!


Some seriously slim pickins on the internets for video highlights of the games. First Ivy in the Sweet Sizteen in 31 years, you’d think there’d be a montage out there somewhere! Enjoy this propaganda video instead…

Also, this penetrating analysis of the upcoming Kentucky game…

Is that supposed to be a bear howl during the intro?

Et Tu Flute?

In the upcoming Massachusetts Senate election, Doug Flutie is looking to throw another Hail Mary.

I definitely support Scott Brown.  He would be an independent voice down in Washington.  He’s a great family man, a friend, and a guy I trust 100%.

Intriguing!  So who is this Republican candidate Scott Brown, and why does Flutie want to put a ball in his end zone?

Cosmo has the definitive profile

I think it’s safe to say he’s locked up the teabag vote…

because he clearly leans to the right…

and does not support a large stimulus package… (wow, the bad jokes write themselves!)

Hey, Scott, here’s a pro-tip from your friends at All The Hypocrisy: if you only need one hand to cover your junk, why bother?

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Bonus Boston Football-Themed Homoerotica:


Why am I not surprised

Christ, has Larry Bird weighed in yet?  What’s he waiting for?

You ain’t got no alibi, you Ugly

One thing about trying to read authors you like on the internet, it can be hard as hell to keep up with them.  For instance, Michael Lewis always has great long-form articles, but I never know when and where to expect them.  Matt Taibbi has had no fewer than three separate blog sites in the last 9 months.  At any rate, I just stumbled upon his latest one and wanted to share a funny article from earlier this spring about ugly athletes.  Suffice it to say, 80’s-era Celtics are featured prominently.  But this description of Kevin Youkilis wins the prize:

Youk has only three body parts, all hideously oversized: an enormous set of gnomish, bushy forearms; a massive, casaba melon–size white head; and a cauldronlike belly. He has a truly awesome bristle of thick red chin hair that makes his face look like a cross between a vagina and something out of The Hobbit. At the plate he disgustingly gushes sweat by some means previously unknown to science in which the moisture travels upward along his body, racing in a cascade from his balls and armpits up his neck, over his head, and back down over the bill of his helmet to shower the plate. Whereas a guy like Teixeira was born with a swing so gorgeous you want to paint it, Youkilis fighting a middle reliever to a nine-pitch walk looks like a rhinoceros trying to fuck a washing machine.

I would quote the bit about the Celtics, but it’s too damn funny for me to pull out of context.  Go read the whole thing.

Foul Ball

Thank God the baseball season is finally starting. It was a bad offseason, as usual when there’s nothing to talk about on the field people dwell on the unimportant. One of those ‘stories’ was riddled with hypocrisy and lies, and therefore must be called out here.

This morning, ESPN once again, for like the thousandth time, lied about the financing of the Yankees new park. John Saunders said that the park was financed ‘largely by taxpayers’. Wrong. The new Yankee Stadium was completely privately financed, 100%. For building a new cathedral out of their own pocket, the New York Yankees should be commended, as just about every other club HAS asked for taxpayers’ money. But instead we have had to listen to a bevy of lies all winter long. It is so simply summed up here.

So, the Yankees built the entire Stadium, every brick. The City built a park, a parking lot, and improved one of the subway stops…in other words they invested in infrastructure improvements in the vicinity of the ballpark (and actually, the Yankees chipped in 50% of the cost of those improvements on top of paying for the Stadium). Those are the facts.

Then there was the brewha over the financing package the City gave the Yankees. In essence, they got a cut rate on the bonds. Maybe it was too ‘friendly’. I don’t know. But what I do know is that the New York Yankees will be repaying the City for a long time, with interest, to the net benefit of the New York City taxpayer.

The political bandstanding and bloviating over the financing details are too numerous to count or link to here. When its the Yankees, its easy to create a national headline out of nothing, so its no surprise that a gaggle of politicians found it easy sport to make a big deal out of the bonding package that the Yankees got.

While we’re at it, lets talk Yankees ticket prices, another fun ‘news’ story for ESPN all winter. Much was made about the price of the season tickets behind home plate, and the cost of luxury boxes. Ironically, these arguments are made ‘largely’ by the same people who think a progressive tax structure is Marxist. Of course, I have no basis for that claim, but what the hell, at least I put quotes around it. Point is that there’s a huge gap between the rich and the middle class in this country, so yes there are people who can afford season tickets at $2600 a piece. So this is a reason to hate the Yankees? I’m not following.

Again this morning ESPN pointed to the ‘average’ cost of a ticket in the Stadium, about $75 bucks. Sure the ‘average’ goes up, but it has no bearing to the real issue, which is that the vast majority of seats unchanged or still very reasonable. Bleacher seating has been more than doubled and is $14. Upper deck seats in the $20’s, outfield main $55. So actually they’ve increased the amount of really affordable seats, while improving the amenities in those areas. Yea, what a bunch of jerks the Yankees are.

I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why some people think its their job to make people think the NYY organization is evil. The reality is otherwise.

Turd Blossom Express

Given that it’s Sunday, I’m gonna go ahead and snatch Joe the Plumb-lord’s short-lived crown and declare a new Hypocrite of the Week TM

You Mainers probably know that Senator Collins has denounced and rejected these robotronics, no doubt because they violate the first of Asimov’s Three Laws.

Nice piece of hitting by Baldelli down 0-2. Whatever happened to that “wasting” disease he was suffering from?


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Back to Tampa!

I know Barack Obama is “the one” or “that one”, but let’s not forget who your papi is…

I see the rays cracking under pressure.  In fact, I saw more crack last night than I saw from Joe “I’m not really a plumber and I owe $1200 in back income taxes” the Plumber .  Jimmy can we get a Red Sox Nation category?  Apparently I don’t have permission to add such things.

Jimmy update-
A little hypocrisy side note here, after all, that’s what the site is all about. Why do people think that sports stars need to be role models for our kids, other than to watch how they play the game, and train themselves to compete? Our kids should be taught that real role models are the teacher in high school who went the extra mile, or the cop who stuck out his neck to turn in a fellow cop who was taking bribes, or the way Obama runs his campaign without taking cheap shots at his opponents.

I don’t give a crap if Manny Ramirez is a jerk. He is the best hitter in baseball. He batted 500 in the playoffs for the Dodgers, and we could sure use his bat, although Jason Bay turned out well to save Theo’s reputation.

Another supposed jerk- Barry Bonds. Perhaps the best hitter of all time. Apparently the owners have plotted a conspiracy against him.