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The Greens and The Libertarians Cucked the Democrats

It’s just like before the election of the Orange MONSTAH! Democratic party cheerleaders are so focused on their party strategy as being the only strategy. Sam Seder, likes to be able to put down a lot of people from a lot of different angles, and point out that the democrats are our only hope. My alternate and BETTAH theory is to build a larger umbrella of understanding and win hearts and minds. So instead of putting people down, I try to understand them. Pretty simple. Be nice.

Sammy said that the Greens and Libertarians hurt the Democrats, but that they would not acknowledge it. This was another angle for him to put them down and call them stupid hypocrites…They should have voted for Hillary to avoid the ORANGE MONSTAH┬áTrump!! How dare they not hold their heads in shame, and come back to worship at the altar of the Democratic party. Unfortunately this theory continues to fail. We see millions of people leaving the democratic party since the election. I jump in on Sammy’s point, but then I use his own logic drive the DAGGAH further into the heart of the corrupt democrats, by mentioning that I feel many Greens and Libertarians are glad that they sent a message to the Democratic party that a candidate like Hillary Clinton, a liar, a hypocrite, an obvious corporate plant…..not the good kind of plant….thats why I say corporate whore….cuz I am a sexist Bernie Bro!!!

There is only one conclusion. The Greens and The Libertarians Cucked the Democrats. The Democrats must listen to the message and change to become more like Bernie. They will learn to appeal to greens, independents, and libertarians. One more candidate like HIllary Clinton will be the death blow to whatever is left of the broken democratic party.

ATH PODCAST 3-2-14- Mother Russia, “Death Blow” to Obamacare

Its a frenzy to catch up on mixing down some podcasts. A big shout out to all of our fans in Luxemburg. Sorry to keep you waiting. In this episode:

So much bad-mouthing of Russia in the news, who are we to criticize? How much is pure propaganda?

Some ahole’s fake news story of a “death blow” to Obamacare.

Oh yeah, and we friggin interviewed the friggin O’chang’s last friggin night, so Joe 30-Pack, hurry up and FTP me the friggin WAV files so I can roll up a big fat j-bone and mix that sucker down… some say podcast history was made last night.

ATH Podcast 3-2-14- Moder Russia, ACA